Career Options in Unani Medicine

A form of medical treatment that was practiced in South Asian and Middle Eastern part of Asia and is supposed to have originated in the 1025 AD. The concept of “Unani” or “Yunani” as it is sometimes referred to, was first developed by Greek Physician Hippocrates and a Roman Physician Galen and is based on the Grecio – Arabic form of medical treatment. Unani was first introduced to India in the 12th or the 13th century during the rule of the Sultanate in Delhi and the form of treatment flourished under the Mughal Period. Unani form of medical treatment is recognized in India and there are many Unani Doctors who are allowed to practice in India as any other doctor.


To become a doctor in the Unani form of medicine, the candidate needs to pass the five and a half year degree course leading to an undergraduate degree which is known as the BUMS or the Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery. There are as many as eight medical colleges that impart education in Unani Medicine. Some of these colleges even award postgraduate degrees after a study of two years. The colleges award degrees that are recognized by the universities to which they are affiliated.

To practice as a Unani doctor it is mandatory to have an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree from a recognized university in India. A statutory body known as the Central Council of Indian Medicine has been established in 1971 to empower the study and practice of the alternate medicine and it also includes Unani.

Required Skills for a career in Unani Medicine

Most of the skills are similar to the skills that a professional in any other form of medicine would require but some of them are specific to the professional practicing Unani Medicine and those skills include:

  • A thorough knowledge of the concepts involved in Unani medicine.
  • Complete understanding of the manufacture of Unani medicine and the ingredients that go into it.
  • High level of Research Skills
  • Diagnostic skills to be able to grasp the patient’s symptoms
  • The ability to transform the diagnosis to effective treatment

How to become a Unani Medical Professional

Apart from acquiring the academic qualifications, it is essential to work as an intern in the field of Unani Medicine. This will provide the professional a thorough knowledge of how to approach the treatment process and expose the person to the right methods of treatment.

Job Description

Diagnosing the patient’s problems, providing the right treatment and monitoring the patient and making sure the patient is progressing towards recovery are some of the responsibilities that are involved in the job of a Unani medical professional.

Career Prospects

There is a great demand for people practicing alternate medicines, since some ailments are known to be treated specifically by the alternate medical treatments Hence, there is a high career prospects involved in the job of a Unani Doctor.


The salary of a Doctor practicing Unani is similar to the other forms of medical practice.

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