Career Options in Medical Lab Technology

Also known as Clinical Laboratory Science, the area of Medical Lab Technology is a para- medical program. It involves the process of diagnosis, of a disease and depending on the results of the diagnoses the treatment and the prevention is determined through tests conducted in the laboratory. The Medical Lab Technologist or the MLT conducts these tests and determines its results from the analysis of fluids in the body like the blood and other tissues, and also through other highly advanced technological procedures. The MLTs work in two levels, which include the technologists and the technicians. The technicians work using apparatus, equipment and other testing machineries like microscopes, centrifuges and the blood testing equipment. The technologists on the other hand, are more advanced in their career and work in various related sectors like the Blood Banking, Clinical analysis, Immunology, Haematology, and Microbiology.


Besides, the basic academic qualification required for a career in Medical Lab Technology, the other requirements include a working as an intern to get hands-on experience. A bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory technology or BMLT is mandatory. There are other certifications like taking a Diploma in the same subject and the diploma awarded is the DMLT.

Required Skill

Some of the most significant skills that the lab technologist or technician must possess include:

  • Accuracy in identifying results, interpreting of data, and preparing the report
  • High level of analytical judgment
  • Thorough knowledge of the function of all the instruments, equipment and machines used in the laboratory
  • Exercise adequate care and caution when handling the samples of patients who are affected with infectious diseases.
  • The technicians and the technologist need to possess most of the above skills, but the technologist need to be better equipped to handle patients.

How to Become a Medical Lab Technologist?

Today, most medical colleges conduct this course, so instead of trying to get admission to study in the private colleges that conduct the same course, it is better to seek admission in the medical colleges. Once the course is over, the student is likely to be absorbed by the hospital to which the college belongs.

Job Description

Basically the job description involves testing samples of body fluids, and tissues and analyzing them so that a process of treatment can be determined. The job of a Medical Lab Technologist also includes report writing and the interpretation of the test results should be accurately recorded in the report.

Career Prospects

A medical laboratory technician who is certified with a degree or a diploma can find ample opportunities to work in various industries. Apart from the hospital or the medical clinics, there are many other very lucrative openings in the corporate sector, in the medical testing laboratories and the pathological clinics. Blood banks and blood donations careers are other areas of job opportunities. The Medical Lab Technologist can also make teaching a career option


In general, the role of a Medical Laboratory Technologist is very highly paid and depending on the kind of hospital they are working in, the pay scale varies.

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