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The branch of medicine, dentistry is associated with the treatment of the oral cavity. The dentist is the person who is qualified to provide the treatment and has the expertise in taking care of the health of the oral cavity. A large amount of technological methods, devices and equipment’s are put into use to make the treatment effective. Today with developments made in technology, it is possible to treat any kind of damages, whether naturally occured by birth or brought about due to an accident. Dentistry has advanced so much that it is possible to even change the looks of a person born with a natural abnormality. Therefore, a career in dental science is highly rewarding and also is very lucrative in terms of earnings.


To be a full-fledged dentist, a candidate needs to pass the 5 year BDS course which is the Bachelors in Dental Science. Then, if the candidate so wishes, can complete the postgraduate course in Dental Science and specialize in various subject areas that come under the purview of dentistry. There are various diplomas that can be taken after completing the undergraduate or the postgraduate course in the various disciplines in Dentistry like Endodontic, the pathology, radiology and surgery in Oral and maxillofacial, Periodontology, Prosthodontics and many others.

Required Skills for a career in Dental

There are many skills that a professional in Dental Science must posses and they include:

  • Since the hands in general and the fingers in particular are used a lot by a dentist, dexterity of hands and fingers is significant for a dentist.
  • A high level understanding of the oral cavity and the bone structure of the oral cavity.
  • Clarity in vision and should have no color blindness
  • High level communication and interactive skills
  • Leadership qualities, team management and good management skills for managing clinics.
  • Highly conscious of maintaining hygiene
  • High gross and fine motor skills for eye hand coordination
  • Be understanding and be a good listener to the patients’ needs

How to become a Professional in Dental Science?

Once you have obtained the degree you are a full –fledged dentist and can practice once you have been awarded the certificate. Of course, taking up the postgraduate course is an added advantage and is sure to surge your career as a dentist to great heights. Becoming a specialist, especially in the area of cosmetic surgery is in great demand and many look to the dentist to rectify any abnormality that is natural or induced by an accident causing damages.

Job Description

The job of the Dentist entails the process of evaluation, diagnoses, prevention and treating of the oral cavity. Surgery is also a part of the job of the dentist.

Career Prospects

The career prospects of a dentist is very high as they can surge upwards from working as an intern to rising to the level of a director or registrar. With specializations, it is likely that the dentist after a few years of practice will start their own clinics and offer a wide ranges of services.


The range of pay offered to a dentist is quite high and very lucrative, but dentists with postgraduate or specialization are likely to get a very higher range of salary in most countries.

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