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The stimulation of the healing power naturally inherent in the body is stimulated by medications. This process is used in the field of homeopathy to cure ailments in the body. The concept followed is that “like cures like” and this concept was first introduced as a medical form of treatment in the 18th Century by a German physician named Dr. C. F. Samuel Hahnemann who is known as the “father of Homeopathy’. Homeopathy is different from other forms of alternate medicine in its basic concept as it acts in different ways to the others. Homeopathy tends to identify the root cause of the ailments and fight the disease using its own elements of manifestations.


A person desirous of following a career in Homeopathy must complete either the BHMS which is the Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery or the DHMS which is a Diploma in Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery. The Degree course is of 4 ½ years duration and the Diploma is a 4year course. The degree course has an extra one year of internship while the Diploma is inclusive of the Internship period of one year. The degree is awarded by the University under which the college functions and the person to practice must be licensed by the Central Council of Homoeopathy, which is a statutory body functioning under the Indian Government.

Required Skills for a career

  • Ability to probe into the possibilities of the ailment to be able to identify its root cause.
  • Logical thinking ability
  • High observatory skills
  • Thorough knowledge of the homeopathic form of treatment
  • Ability to relate the symptoms to the various aspects of the patients lifestyle, food habits, past or present medical history and other features of the patient.

How to become a Medical Professional in Homeopathy

Once the required qualifications have been acquired, the doctor should be able to practice for some time either in a hospital or under a reputed Homeopath doctor so that they can acquire some experience in the profession. Once the experience has been acquired, the doctors can start their own practice which is very lucrative and can go forward with a very prosperous career.

Job Description

The job and the responsibilities of a medical professional in any form of medicine is similar and so is the case with the person practicing Homeopathic medicine. The detailed examination and probe is the basis on which the treatment process is begun and based on that the treatment is decided.

Career Prospects

Though most homeopaths usually look out for possibilities in starting their own practice, it is better to first practice under an established and reputed Homeopath before branching out on one’s own practice. Today job opportunities for homeopaths are quite vast, as there are many health centers both governmental and non-governmental that have begun homeopathic clinics. Teachers in Homeopathic colleges is another good job option.


The pay packet of the practicing homeopath would depend on some factors like, the hospital in which the doctors are working, whether it is a government hospital, or a non-governmental one and whether the doctor is a graduate or a post graduate in Homeopathy.

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