Career Options in Nutrition And Dietetics

Nutrition and dietetics are a division of the health care and is based on the principles of proper nutrition and diet for health and wellness. It is the application of the right diet therapy for an individual and is usually customized to suit the nutritional needs of the person who may be suffering from a health condition. Dietetics involve the care and attention given to the diet of the person and the diet is formulated on the nutritional needs of the person. Every person who is under some kind of treatment in a hospital is basically under the dietician in order to be given the healthiest food that is likely to benefit the person the most.


There are many degree courses that can be undertaken that lead the students towards a career in Nutrition and Dietetics. Some of them include the undergraduate degree in Home Science after which a Master’s can be pursued. Though an undergraduate degree is more than adequate to be eligible for a job career in nutrition and dietetics, taking up a dietician or a nutritionist course in addition to the degree courses is a very good way to making a career in the fields of nutrition and dietetics.

Required Skills

  • Communication skills, writing skills, formulating of diets and producing fliers and leaflets based on diet regimes.
  • Basic interest in food, food technology and food preparation,
  • Ability to motivate a person to follow a strict diet
  • Familiarity with all testing procedures
  • Administrative skills to enhance the functioning of a dietician regime

How to become a

To become a dietician or a nutritionist, it would depend on which sector that person is working in. Most sectors need professionals to register as a dietitian or a nationalist once they have completed their academic rudiments and also worked as an intern or an assistant to gain experience.

Job Description

The job of a dietitian or a nutritionist usually require them to educate people on the right diet that needs to be followed, keeping their health condition in mind. But this is basically when working as a dietician or a nutritionist in a health care sector when working in other sectors like the sports sectors, for example the need to enhance the diet regimen according to the requirement of the sporting event and the sportsperson requirement. Similarly, in schools and colleges it is basically guidance and spreading information or generating awareness on the importance of health, diet and nutrition.

Career Prospects

Today there are a world of opportunities for the person qualified as a dietician or nutritionists Besides the health care sector, there are the other areas of logistics, educational institutions, sports and entertainment industry, and any other sector where there is a large popular of workers and with highly erratic working conditions. Shipping, Airlines, and Railways are some of the other sectors where the career prospects for nutritionists and dieticians are very bright.


Highly lucrative salary, a wide range of perks and benefit and a lot of respect and prestige is involved in the job of a dietician or nutritionists.

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