Career Options in Psychology

Psychology is a branch in health science stat deal with the study of the working of the mind and the brain. The thought processes of a person are analyzed and the condition of the brain is studied. By the exploration of various concepts linked to the brain, like cognition, perception, intelligence and others the psychologist is able to analyze the behavioral patterns of a person. The person who specializes in psychology is known as a psychologist.


Basically, an undergraduate degree is the minimum qualification that a psychologist needs to start a career is psychology. However, there are other advanced courses, like the Masters in Psychology, Applied Psychology and other similar courses. The highest level of a PhD degree can be taken to be specialized in a particular subject area of psychology. There are many sub –divisions in psychology that can be taken up to specialize in to enhance job opportunities.

Required Skills

Basically, the willingness to explore and experiment to understand the various behavioral patterns of a person should be inherent in the person wanting to take up a career in psychology. Therefore, taking up social work, working as an assistant or an intern under an expert psychologist would add to the skills required in a psychologist.

How to become a Psychologist?

To become a psychologist, academic qualification is mandatory. The higher the qualifications the better chances are provided to the person to become a psychologist. Working as a volunteer with various social service organizations is a good way to start a career in psychology.

Job Description

Some of the roles that the psychologist can opt to include that of a clinical psychologist, counseling, child care, criminal psychology, industrial psychology and almost every other sector of work life needs psychologists who are specialists in the domain. There are many other jobs available like the counselor in the rehabilitation centers and in prisons. Jobs are also available in the organizational sectors where they offer career counseling and guidance to students to help them identify their aptitude towards a particular career. Neuropsychology is another job option that can be taken up by students who have an academic degree in psychology. Though most of these jobs differ in the fact that they are all industry specific, primarily, the job is almost similar in most cases.

  • Assessment of people, their behavior and responses, needs and other factors.
  • If working in a hospital, health care, rehab, or home the psychologist should be able to interact and understand the patient and their needs.
  • Guidance, support and assistance to people needing it
  • Research and reporting

Career Prospects

Depending on the sector in which the psychologists work, the job respects would differ. For those working in the corporate sector the prospects are high. Similarly, if working with patients in a health center or a counseling center, there are very high job prospects.


The salary of a psychologist is usually commensurate with the academic qualification, the experience and the knowledge of the psychologists.

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