Career Options in Forensic Medicine

Forensic medicine is a bridge that connects the health care sector with the law and the judiciary. Forensic experts also train in some aspects of medicine to work as forensic scientists. The forensic scientists usually work in close coordination with the police and other law enforcing authorities to help them to identify the evidences that they have collected from the scene of the crime. Clues and other exhibits are collected to add evidence in a criminal case and the inspection of these evidences are usually conducted by the forensic scientist.


An undergraduate degree in science is the most preferred qualification, however, a masters in science are ideally suited as the job is very highly sophisticated. A high level of scientific knowledge is essential. Today to facilitate job opportunities sin this sector, some of the educational institutions and universities conduct the undergraduate and the postgraduate degrees in forensic sciences. Even those who have completed their medical degrees can opt for a job in forensic sciences and become a forensic scientist. Specialization programs in different areas of expertise can also be taken up after the undergraduate level. Medical graduates are also eligible to apply for a job related to the forensic medicine.

Required Skills for a Career Option in Forensic Medicine

Apart from the academic qualifications the essential skills that a forensic scientist must possess include:

  • High level of judgmental skills
  • Decision making capabilities to make decisions based on the evidences
  • Think critically and logically to narrow down on to the decisions
  • High level of computer skills
  • Knowledge of the use of all the machinery and equipment related to the laboratory testing of evidences.

How to become a Forensic Scientist?

After acquiring a degree in forensic sciences it is best to work as an assistant or accept a role in the residency program. This will help the candidate to get hands on knowledge and then once a high confidence level has been achieved, the candidate can look out for jobs in which they can work independently.

Job Description

There are many roles that the forensic scientist can take up depending on the specialization. And the job description would depend on the role taken up. For example a specialist is one who needs to analyze the sample, the evidences and find out the results of the examination. Similarly, there are the toxicologist, the nurses, the Forensic odontologists, and various other positions. Each of them has different roles and responsibilities to undertake.

Career Prospects

Most of the job opportunities for a forensic scientists lie in the government sector as it concerns the law. The government agencies like the police, the judiciary, the Investigative department and those of the Central and the State investigative department are places where most of the job opportunities for the forensic scientist lie.


An extremely lucrative salary can be go to the top positions in the investigative agencies especially, if it is a government agency. Similarly, the law agencies also pay the forensic scientists a hefty salary.

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