Career Options in Gemology

Apart from being a status symbol, gems are also believed that they change the fate and characteristics of human beings. Thus, from the rich person to a middle class person wish to possess gems for different reasons. Whatever be the reason of the possession, what the end consumer wishes to have is a pure and graded gem stone.

In olden days, only few skilled persons of the stream could talk about the purity of the real gemstones. But, the advancement of the technology is providing a chance to the public to get aware of the terms of the purity and asking the seller to prove in terms of testing. Thus, it is an essential need of every seller either to have a professional or having proficiency in the area.

Courses offered:

Several certificate and Diploma courses are offered in different areas of Gemology which allows one be specialized in the particular concern. Few of the courses are:

  • Diamonds and Diamond Grading
  • Diploma in Diamond processing
  • Diploma in Gemology
  • Colored Gemstone identification
  • Certificate course in Colored Gemstone cutting & Polishing

These programs give the knowledge of the usage of tools and techniques in identification of real gems and testing their purity. Resident, regular and distant mode programs are available in many of the colleges.

Who can choose the programs?

The academic eligibility for the courses is passing in 10 + 2 or equivalent. Those who wish to acquire the stream as career must have good hand and eye coordination, color sensitivity and observation skills. Those who wish to work in which one must have direct interaction with customers must have good communication skills. The knowledge of different languages helps in dealing with customers from different places.

Career prospect:

It is suggested to have a bachelor or master degree in fine arts besides the diploma in the stream to attain better opportunities. Jewelry designing is one of the best suited streams. The major occupations of the discipline are:

  • Gemologist
  • Diamond Grader
  • Jewelry Designer

The opportunities are found in

  • Retail jewelry business
  • Gem testing Laboratories
  • Mining
  • Jewelry business management
  • Gem exporting companies
  • Art auction houses
  • Under popular jewelry designers
  • Jewelry manufacturing or Product development departments

Many of the colleges conduct job fairs and the jewelry companies recruit even through the events.

One can also choose to be an instructor or lecturer in the related colleges.

Self Employment is another good option. Having own jewelry shop or individual processing units are resourcing means.

Pay package:

The initial pay to a fresh Gemologist varies around Rs. 10,000 and above. The experienced are offered more. The higher qualification can fetch about Rs.25,000 and above.

Pros and Cons:


  • High profit in the individual work
  • high demand for the skilled
  • Opportunities are readily offered for the skilled and less effort is required to find the work
  • Provides chances to meet celebrities, famous and rich people as they are the top customers of gems.


  • Need high professional skill to get reputation.
  • More working hours sitting in a place which may need observation and precautions on health grounds.
  • Most of the job roles offer no team work. Not suitable for sociable persons.
  • Self employment is a costly affair

Thus, the career option is a prospective choice, which can be said as many aspirants from the stream are able to lead sophisticated life.

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