Career Options in Footwear

In the fashion world, footwear has a special status that many fashion lovers love to have as many pairs of different footwear as possible. It is not exaggeration that the footwear plays a vital role in creating first impression and also considered as status symbol. Apart from being the fashion statement, the footwear is also the matter of health as well as comfort.

Shoes, flats, sandals or stilettos- all the footwear are designed and manufactured; for which a specialist is needed to work on. Till few decades ago, footwear was made by conventional shoemakers or by few specialists. But, the improved technology had made clear path with sophisticated machinery, inviting every enthusiast to enter the field.

The technological advancements are utilizing the conventional methods to create new designs using different raw materials like jute, plastic, rubber etc. Leather is the choice of many and is so called all time fashionable material.

Activities of the field:

Designing, processing the raw material, quality checking, stitching and manufacturing the final product according to the requirement of the client, experimenting with different raw materials are the major activities of the field.

The field involves artistic as well as technical skills. The designer sketches the design of footwear either on a paper or with the help of computer and get prepared with main material and the aided materials, which are to be included- like threads, metals or embroidery etc. While making, everything must be considered regarding the size, comfort and the performance of the product.

Few designs of the footwear are designed for a purpose like for professional athletes, to work as acupuncture etc. Thus, the footwear designer must have the knowledge of various fields to create the product as per the requirement.

Courses of the field:

  • Short term courses of 4 to 12 weeks duration in particular areas like Designing and Pattern Cutting, Advanced shoe styling, Shoe CAD, Shoe Upper Clicking, Shoe Upper Closing etc.
  • Certificate programs of 3 months to 1 year duration
  • Diploma in Footwear Manufacture Design
  • B.Des. (Footwear Design, Production and Management)
  • B.Sc. (Footwear Technology and Design)
  • M.Des. (Creative Design and CAD/CAM)
  • MBA (Footwear Design, Production and Management)
  • B.Tech. ( Footwear Technology)
  • M.Tech. (Footwear science and Engineering)
  • Ph.D. (Footwear Science and Engineering)

The academic eligibility criteria for ‘B.Tech.’ are passing in 10 + 2 with science subjects and the score in the conducted entrance test. For other Bachelor courses, passing in 10 + 2 from a recognized organization and the score in the conducted entrance test are considered. For M.Tech, passing in B.Tech as well as GATE examination is mandatory.

Job prospect:

The Footwear industry is growing rapidly with 25% of growth rate every year, creating lucrative employment opportunities. The major opportunities are found in footwear manufacturing companies, footwear designing companies, sportswear production companies, leather production etc. Technical Managers, Production Managers, Designers, Technicians etc. are the major roles.

Teaching in the related colleges or training centers like NIFT, Central Footwear Training Center as Lecturer or Professor is another option. Clearing UGC CSIR National Eligibility Test is mandatory for Lectureship.

Initiating own entrepreneur or Designing company is another source of employment.

The payment for the fresh Bachelor holder ranges from 10,000 and above.

Thus, Footwear science and Technology is an emerging promising career option for the aspirants who wish to choose a different career.

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