Career Options in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the right option for those who are in love with machines and their parts. Designing, assembling or dismantling- things related to the machines or parts of the machines is focused in Mechanical Engineering. The career is followed by various avenues of career path to choose. Thus, there are always ample opportunities for those who opt for the stream.

What are qualification criteria to choose Mechanical Engineering?

The essential attributes are the technical wit, logical thinking and the artistic skills to design the machinery.

Diploma: Passing 10th from a recognized institute and the score in entrance exam. It is a three year regular course. Few are offering part time course with 4 year duration.

Bachelor: The educational qualification is attaining minimum 55% or 60 % in 10 + 2 besides the score in the conducted selection test. Scoring better in JEE is necessary for admission in any of the IITs and AIEEE is for the remaining colleges. Apart from these two few states are conducting common entrance tests for the engineering colleges those coming under the state and few colleges organize own examination.

Post Graduation: Bachelor degree in the stream and the Score in the GATE are considered.

What are taught in the stream?

Though the curriculum of universities differs from each other, the core content that is taught remains same. Manufacturing process, Computer Graphics, Industrial Economics and Management, Metal cutting and Tool design, Quality control, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics, Computer Application, Production Technology, Thermal Engineering, Automobile Manufacturing System are few topics.

Colleges offering the course:

Most of all the Engineering colleges offer the stream which is considered as ‘mother of engineering’. Many colleges are conducting dual programs and management combined engineering programs to meet the contemporary requirements. The organizations like AcSIR are offering Integrated M.Tech.-Ph.D. program besides two years Post Graduate Research Training program in Mechatronics, a combination of Electronic and mechanical systems. Following are the updating technologies like nano-technology and bio medical engineering widen the prospect of the field.

Job prospect:

The basic opportunities for Mechanical Engineers are found in the following:

-machinery production companies like automobile and auto part production, Defense Industry, Shipping industry, Rail Industry, Aviation related companies, Technology Centers, State Control Boards, and in Government owned Public Sector Companies like BHEL, HIL, BCPL, CBEC, ILBS, CRWC etc. Management roles in these industries are offered for those who possess management related degree like MBA besides engineering. The major roles played by Mechanical Engineers are:

  • Trainee engineer
  • Mechanical production design engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Automotive engineer

Teaching is also a best choice. Score in CSIR National Eligibility Test (NET) is a compulsion to settle as a Lecturer or Professor in colleges and Universities. The researcher in the field also opt the exam for the fellowship.

Starting own manufacturing business or consultancy or any other related business is another choice of the enthusiasts who believe themselves. But the experience in a related company would be more helpful for such an adherent.

The pay to the beginner starts from Rs.10,000 and above. The experienced or high qualified are offered from Rs. 20,000 and above.

The stream guarantees employment and thus, it is a piece of cake for many.

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