Career Options in Anthropology

The study of the past as well as the present of human beings, Anthropology involves not only the social sciences but also the biological sciences, natural sciences and humanities. Human physical traits as well as human behavior, the disparities among different groups of human beings, how the homo sapiens influenced the social organization as well as the culture and also the social sciences involving human, social and cultural relations and how it influenced the lives in the past is studied in Anthropology. Anthropologists in the past worked in specific locations only but now the Career Options in Anthropology have a wider scope.

Career Option in Anthropology Eligibility

Undergraduate and Master’s Degree makes a scholar eligible to be an Anthropologist. Those who prefer to move ahead more and are really interested can take a PhD Degree which opens the way to an academic Career in Anthropology, can become professors and conduct their own researches in the field.

Career Option in Anthropology Required Skills

During the training period the skills necessary for an anthropologist is developed. The required skills necessary to become an anthropologist are

  • Good communication skills
  • A clear and critical thinking
  • Skilled in oral and written expressions
  • Ability to collect data
  • Listening and watching abilities
  • Sharp thinking skills
  • The ability to manage as well as evaluate and interpret the data on human behavior
  • Computer skills

How to become an Anthropologist

The demand for academic Anthropologists remains steady though the demand in other sectors is increasing day by day. Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorates are awarded through many universities which also gives anthropological training. To obtain Master’s degree one has to do the course for two years while to obtain a PhD eight years is necessary. Field projects have to be completed for the thesis. High school students interested in Anthropology should have taken social studies, math, biology, science as well as in both English language and foreign language.

Career Option in Anthropology Job Description

The Career Options for Anthropology majors are many and one can acquire a job in the academic field, teaching and researching or in Applied Anthropology. A graduate in Anthropology can either become a researcher, an evaluator or an administrator. Cultural anthropologist or a health related anthropologist also has great demand and the training given in the various sectors is well suited for the 21st century. Many of the archeologists work in firms in archeological sites, in museums, in physical anthropology laboratories and so on.

Career Option in Anthropology Career Prospects

With a degree in Anthropology, students gain a fascinating and useful knowledge as well as an intellectual and practical skill which is sought out by employers throughout the world where creativity as well as curiosity and the ability to understand society and human culture is necessary. Many remain in the academic field and go for further research. An anthropologist can also work in non-profit organizations, government agencies, world organizations and also private corporations.

Career Option in Anthropology Salary

The nature of job prospects being very diverse, salary also will vary. Though initially the pay may be less, it may increase according to the skill and experience of the person.

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