Career Options in Sociology

A degree in Sociology is the gateway to wide-ranging facets in the job market as its applicability is very vast, even in the international market. Community as well as Service professions which include law and law enforcement, health services, urban planning, business or management, education and other Government services are the various employment sectors which lure many to a career in sociology. With the career potential of sociology majors being limitless, employment opportunities in various fields are abundant. Graduates work both in public as well as private sectors and some jobs related to the local as well as the central government. Sociology is a major which trains people to develop skills to master new and innovative tasks which help them solve problems many number of times throughout their career.

Career Option in Sociology Eligibility

A graduate degree is enough to become a Sociologist but for further research one can go in for PhD degree which is offered in many colleges. A post graduate degree is necessary for some of the posts and after completing the course only PhD can be done.

Career Option in Sociology Required Skills

Some of the skills necessary for a Sociologist to be successful in the particular career are

  • Understanding well the complexity and diversity of social situations
  • Ability to research, judge and evaluate each situation separately
  • Make reasonable arguments
  • Strong IT skills
  • Understanding research methods, analyzing and being able to apply statistical techniques
  • Working collectively and develop new and practical ideas on the many social issues
  • Organizing work and being able to meet deadlines

How to become a successful Sociologist

Any person who is creative adaptable and versatile and holds a degree is employed by the very best employers. A student of Sociology is well equipped by intellectual and analytical communication skills which helps pursue a successful Career in Sociology and not only what can be done with those skills but what it does to the student also. Students from different and varied backgrounds are enrolled into the graduate course who can later become researchers or teachers. Certificate programs online as well as regular programs are available the time limit of which depends upon the institution as well as the learning pace of the student. A regular bachelor’s degree in Sociology can be attained in four years while the period of learning may be more for part time students. Only those who have a Master’s degree or a PhD get good jobs as the competition is tough in the sociology field.

Career Option in Sociology Job Description

All sociology professions do not need licenses but teaching profession needs licenses from the concerned department of education which may again vary from state to state. Internships is recommended for those who pursue a degree course and will further help in conduction research, publish papers thereby adding on to the resume.

Career Option in Sociology Career Prospects

For anyone interested in Sociology career the job prospects are fine as today’s society is in need of Sociologists who can reach out to the needy.

Career Option in Sociology Salary

Salary and perks depend upon the degree taken, the employer and the particular field in sociology.

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