Career Options in Rubber Technology

A branch of engineering in which the main raw material used is natural or synthetic rubber and the processing of latex. By the processing of latex, various rubber products can be made, some of which are very essential in many industries. Rubber is processed and molded in order to get the desired shape. Some of the different industries in which rubber products are used include automobile, medical, toys, machine parts, and many such others. The automobile industry and the medical industry are the two major ones that make extensive use of rubber products. Today with the increased use of rubber products, a large number of rubber and related industries provide job opportunities for people having opted for a career in rubber technology.

Career Option in Rubber Technology Eligibility

  • A Bachelors’ Engineering degree which is a BE/ B. Tech is the basic academic requirement for a career in Rubber technology.
  • Some educational institutions, however offer Bachelor degree in Science in the stream of Rubber technology.
  • Both these undergraduate courses can be followed up with a Masters in rubber technology, which is an ME/ M Tech Course.
  • Diploma courses are also offered in Rubber Technology in Polytechnics and Industrial Training Institutes.

Career Option in Rubber Technology Required Skills

The basic required skills for a rubber technologist would be a complete understanding of rubber, its various features, recognition of its quality and its uses. However, in the industrial sector the skills would vary according to the role and the responsibilities of the person taking up the career in Rubber technology. Some of them include:

  • Various manufacturing processes in the industry
  • Material management
  • Raw material procurement, and its management
  • High level of numerical and IT skills, especially in CAD, or computer Aided Design for different types of molds for the manufacture of products.
  • Analytical and skills to troubleshoot
  • Leadership qualities to lead a team
  • Team spirit and ability to work in a team.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills

How to become a rubber technologist?

In addition to the academic qualifications, a candidate interested in taking up a career in Rubber technology must specialize in some area of work to become an expert in it along with hands on training. Some of the areas include:

  • Elastomer Physics
  • Natural production process of rubber
  • Mechanics of rubber production
  • Production of synthetic rubber
  • Industrial rubber technology

Career Option in Rubber Technology Job Description

The job profile of a rubber technologist is relatively demanding as there is a great demand for rubber products, especially types, and medical related products like gloves which are required in large quantities. Depending on the role and the industry for which the rubber products are being made, the job profile would differ.

Career Option in Rubber Technology Career Prospects

A wide scope of job opportunities awaits a person who is qualified to be a rubber technologist. With the increased use of rubber, there is a great demand for the person with the right qualification in many industries engaged in the production of rubber products.

Career Option in Rubber Technology Salary

Depending on the level of the position and the industry, the rubber technologist can expect to draw a very lucrative salary ranging from Rs. 5-6 Lakhs per annum.

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