Career Options in Plastic Technology

Plastic technology is all about the study of plastics. In the present world there is an extensive use of plastics in both daily life and in the industrial use. The manufacturing of plastics products is a huge industry and the demand for qualified and experienced work force at different levels of the plastic industry is very high. The branch of study in which the methods of the use of various chemicals to form plastics is learned and how the different products can be made which is useful for day to day living and for industrial purposes. Today the world has become aware of the damage caused to the environment by the use of plastics and the dumping of it as a waste and that is why there is a great amount of research underway to make plastics that are eco-friendly and safe for the environment. The demand is always high in the plastic industry and that is why there are many courses offered for the study of plastic technology.

Career Option in Plastic Industry Eligibility:

For a career in the plastic industry the candidate should have the following academic qualifications which include:

  • An Engineering degree, which may be an undergraduate degree like B. Tech or B.E degree in plastic technology or a Postgraduate degree like M. Tech or ME
  • Diploma in Plastic Technology
  • There are some Industrial Training Institutes that offer Certification programs in Plastic Technology.

Required Skills for a Plastic Technologist

Basically the required skills would depend on the kind of jobs undertaken. There are various divisions in the plastic industry and each division requires a particular skill set. Mold manufacturing, repairing of mold and designing a mold is an important part of the plastic industry as most of the items of plastic are shaped according to the design of the mold. Therefore, creative designing is one of the skills required.

Accuracy and precision are some of the skill required for a worker in the manufacturing division. The manufacturing of plastics is a vast industry and hence, there are a number of areas in which different skills would be required in the worker.

High level skills in Mathematics and IT is essential for a professional in the plastic industry.

How to become a Plastic Technologist?

To become a plastic technologist you first need to qualify to be one academically. You need to first identify the area of work where you would want become competent, and then take your degree in that area and follow it up with a practical training experience.

Career Option in Plastic Industry Job Description

The job of a plastic technologist entails setting up of the manufacturing process, maintaining and repairing machines, selecting the right design of the mold, organizing manpower for the work according to their skills, and troubleshooting.

Career Option in Plastic Industry Career Prospects

The job of a plastics technologist has wide scope as there is a great demand for plastic products around the world especially the eco-friendly variety.

Career Option in Plastic Industry Salary

As it is in other industries, the salary drawn by the plastics technologist is quite lucrative.

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