Career Options in Fiber Optics Technologies

Fiber Optics are basically used in the transfer of data and information and is more commonly used in the field of telecommunications. It is also used in networking when the area of networking is very vast. In recent times, however, the use of fiber optics technology is used in the transfer of industry data and systems of communication. Industrial data have been usually very intricate and extensive which needs to be transported error free and that is why the use of fiber optics is becoming very useful in this industry. Moreover, the use of fiber optics technology in the transfer of industrial data is extremely advantageous as it allows the transfer of high volume of data which is free of noise and is characterized by electrical isolation. The use of fiber optics technology is also very common in the commercial telecommunications systems.

Career Option in Fiber Optics Technology Eligibility

For a career in Fiber Optics Technology, the candidate needs to be typically trained in the field of fiber optics for which the candidate can take up advanced study courses in fiber optics technology. Depending on the courses, the eligibility criteria would differ. For the Fiber Optic Technician a high school certification is mandatory for this course that leads the candidate to a career of a technician in the cable and fiber optic industry.

Career Option in Fiber Optics Technology Required Skills

Some of the skills required when opting for a career in Fiber Optics Technologies include:

  • Knowledge of electronics, telecommunications, engineering, troubleshooting skills, is mandatory
  • Computers operation skills include managing accounts, scheduling programs, Microsoft XL, managing vast database and other software programs.
  • Technical skills include familiarity with handling machines, cables of various sizes and functions, generators, various signal operations and different type of tools used in the industry.
  • Communication skills are very significant in this career option and must be well developed in order to succeed.

How to become a Fiber Optic Technician

Once the candidate has completed the specific courses for the Fiber Optic Technician, the candidate must apply as an apprentice in the various industries that fiber optic technology is used. To be eligible to work, the candidate should have applied for a license or a certification to work.

Career Option in Fiber Optics Technology Job Description

Some of the specifications of the job of a fiber optic technician include:

  • Installation and fixing of cables that are used in telecommunication especially the fiber optic cables.
  • Periodic inspection of the cables, regular maintenance to identify any malfunction and testing equipment that are used for laying cables and other equipment used in the various aspects of installation.
  • The job is highly risky as the person has to work in restricted spaces. Sometimes they work in the outdoors where they are exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Career Option in Fiber Optics Technology Career Prospects

There are a lot of ways in which the candidate can prosper in the field of Fiber Optics Technology and once the candidate has started out as a fiber optic technician, the candidate can rise higher with extra certifications in specializations within the subject of optical fiber technology.

Career Option in Fiber Optics Technology Salary

Since working as a fiber optic technician involves a lot of risk and facing a number of health hazards, they are compensated well with their high salaries.

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