Career Options in Sugar Mills

A branch of engineering in which the manufacturing process of sugar from sugar cane in its natural form is conducted. The manufacturing process focuses on the production of sugar, its refinement process and finally its packages. The other related products of sugar are also manufactured by the sugar industry. There is a great demand for sugar technologists who process raw sugar to its consumable form. All the aspects involved in the production of sugar, like modification of machinery, modernization of equipment and packaging idea are the responsibility of the sugar technologists. Today there is a great demand for the engineering graduates with a specialization in sugar technology as a number of sugar manufacturing industries as well as its related industries have come up. There are many other career options for those having specialized in sugar technology like options in food technology and food processing technology.

Career Option in Sugar Mills Eligibility

An undergraduate or a post-graduate engineering degree in sugar technology is mandatory for jobs at the highest level in the sugar industry. The candidates who are certified with a specialization in a particular aspect or process of sugar production also stand a chance of acquiring jobs in the sugar industry. Candidates with a diploma in Sugar Technology from Polytechnics are also eligible for jobs in the sugar industry. There are many courses in food processing that allow the candidate to take up jobs in the sugar industry as a technologist.

Career Option in Sugar Mills Required Skills

Some of the required skills for a sugar technologist include:

  • Understanding of the various manufacturing processes within the industry
  • procurement and management of raw materials
  • Troubleshooting and analytical skills
  • Troubleshooting and analytical skills
  • Team leadership, team spirit and team management skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills

How to become a Sugar Technologist?

Besides the academic qualifications, a candidate interested in taking up a career in Sugar technology must specialize in some area of work related to procurement of raw materials, management, or manufacturing process of sugar. This can be done by taking up hands on training. Specialization in the areas of manufacturing can also help to become a sugar technologist

Career Option in Sugar Mills Job Description

  • Some of the responsibilities of the jobs involved in the sugar industry include:
  • The analysis of raw material which include molasses and sugar cane.
  • Management of sugar production, its by-products, and its end-products
  • Research, analysis and management of the entire production unit

Career Option in Sugar Mills Career Prospects

Since sugar is an essential commodity which is a fast moving consumer product, there is a great demand for sugar and sugar products so the scope of job opportunities in the sugar industry is very vast. There is a great demand for candidates having the right qualification to fill up openings in many related industries that are engaged in the production of sugar and sugar products.

Career Option in Sugar Mills Salary

An extremely lucrative salary ranging from Rs 5-6 Lakhs per annum awaits the sugar technologist with a degree in Engineering, but the salary for other people who are no qualified in an engineering degree is also quite high and impressive.

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