Career Options in Polymer Technology

There is a great demand for people in the field of manufacturing in various industries as knowledge and skills in polymer technology are required in most of these industries. Therefore, the demand for experts in the field of polymer technology is rising consistently. Polymer is a unique substance that has extensive use in almost every industry extending from its manufacture to its packaging and number of industries like manufacturing, packaging, and with a wide range of others. Besides being used in the manufacturing industry, it is used in the various other industries like in the production of medical and surgical equipment’s and devices. The other industries include toys and sporting industry. Considering this great demand for people qualified in Polymer technology, there is a great scope for careers in this field of Polymer Technology.

Career Option in Polymer Eligibility

For candidates interested in a career in Polymer technology, they need to have any of the following academic degrees which include:

  • An Engineering degree, undergraduate degree like B. Tech or B.E degree or a Postgraduate degree like M. Tech or ME in polymer technology
  • Either an undergraduate Diploma or a Postgraduate Diploma in Polymer Technology
  • Certification programs in Polymer technology from some of the Industrial Training Institutes that are located in every district or State in the country.

Candidates with any of the above educational qualifications can opt for a career in Polymer Technology.

Required Skills for a Polymer Technologist

The role of a polymer technologist is as demanding as any other technologist in the any field. Depending on the industry in which the polymer technologist works, the role as well as the responsibilities would be different and therefore, the required skills for a Polymer Technologist would also be different. Some of the other skills include:

  • Excellent numerical and IT skills especially in CAD, or computer Aided Designing
  • Analytical skills and to troubleshoot in particular.
  • Industrial process and Processing of materials for manufacturing
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Leadership qualities if leading a team and teamwork if part of a team.

How to become a Polymer Technologist?

Apart from the required academic qualifications, a candidate must take up specialize in some area of work so that they can become an expert in it. Taking up a specialization degree in that area of work along with a practical training period would take the candidate quite higher in the profession of a polymer technologist.

Career Option in Polymer Job Description

Polymer Technologists generally work on materials like rubber, plastics and other composite chemicals. Therefore, quite naturally they must have in-depth knowledge in any one of the three. Manufacturing process, trouble shooting and maintenance are some of the important job descriptions.

Career Option in Polymer Career Prospects

There is a wide scope of opportunities for the person qualified as a polymer technologist as many industries take in people with the qualification. There is a plenty of scope in research programs in Polymer technology also.

Career Option in Polymer Salary

Depending on the level of the position and the industry, the polymer technologist can expect to draw a very lucrative salary.

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