Career Options in Energy Professionals

Career in the energy professions is comparatively new in this area number of jobs are available for the qualified professionals. It is a global industry and helps the society to generate renewable and sustainable energy and fuel to make our life easy and long. Many graduates and post graduates scholar are entering in this sector for employment. An estimate states that global workforce in the energy sector has crossed 6 lakhs mark. One can chose it as a career if he loves challenges, travel and has the research acumen.


People who are pursuing their studies can specialize in energy related topics as it is blend of various subjects. Some details are as under Physics-Focus on geophysics and geo sciences Mathematics-Operation Research and Optimization methods Chemistry-Atmospheric composition, Polymer sciences, Physical and Numerical Chemistry, Hydro carbons. Metallurgy and Substance Engineering-Composition of matter and its properties.

Mechanical Sciences-SOM (Strength of Material), Internal Fluid Science Chemical Engineering and Sciences: Heat transfer, Aero and Thermodynamics, Chain reaction, Cracking, Knocking etc.

One can specialize in this domain in their courses like B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D. to utilize the knowledge and skills to work in the sector.

Skill Set Required:

As it is a specialized domain one must be a subject matter expert in whatever discipline he or she is focusing into. data interpretation, research skills, quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, time management, reject management skills and team behavioral skills help one to excel in this field. Knowledge of various software packages for research and data sampling should be there. Drafting the proposal, detailing and observatory competencies play a crucial role in the industry. These skills can be developed with hard core discipline, dedication and right practice.

Job Avenues:

Being a global industry it provides opportunities to work nationally and internationally both. There are various sectors where one can make his fortune as:

  • Waste Management
  • Disaster Management
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Oil and Gas sector
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • Defense Research Wing
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Educational institutes

One can work on several designations like:

  • Researcher
  • Technical Assistant
  • Scientist
  • Petro Physicist
  • Energy Executive
  • Laboratory Coordinator
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Teacher


It is a sector where one can expect excellent salary packages. Starting salary may range between Rs.15000 to Rs.25000.Although with good educational degrees better salaries can be earned up to Rs.60000 a month. With experience and knowledge salary increases with growth and promotion. One should hold good skills and qualification for earning higher salaries.

Market Trend:

Energy sector has been recognized as a high potential career option with a special focus on national and international exposure’s lot of companies like Indian Oil Corporation, Reliance Energy, Cairn Energy, Bharat Petroleum(BP),Shell etc are hiring energy professional into various departments like research and development centers, energy conservation, renewable energy, chemical engineering division and others. This is a global field and diversified jobs are coming up where one can try to start his career.

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