Career Options in Poultry Science

Being one of the largest producers of eggs and poultry meat in the world, India is advancing in the poultry sector rapidly. Poultry farming is emerged in the traditional practices of the country that it is practiced by a small farmer to large scale industries. Poultry farming deals with farming domesticated birds like chicken, geese and ducks for the purpose of eggs and poultry meat production.

Courses offered:

The discipline involves biological, chemistry related principles besides subjects like animal nutrition and food science. The following are the programs offered in the stream.

  • Certificate in Poultry Farming
  • Diploma in (Poultry husbandry / Poultry Management)
  • Bachelor in Veterinary Science (Poultry Science)
  • B.Sc. (Poultry Science)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Poultry Production Technology)
  • Masters in Veterinary Science (Poultry Science/ Poultry Production)
  • M.Sc.(Poultry Production)
  • Ph.D. (Poultry Science)

The Diploma details layer production, broiler production, quail farming etc. Whereas the degrees in the stream give knowledge of poultry nutrition, livestock production management, animal health and hygiene, poultry breeding and diseases, animal physiology, egg and poultry meat technology and management skills in the field.

Few universities offer short term courses like -Appreciation Course in Poultry Management for Non-technical/Financial persons, Advanced Course for Large Scale Poultry Farming, Basic Commercial Poultry Management course and Feed Formulation &Feed analyses for feed manufacturers


Passing in 10 + 2 with biology as a subject is the academic eligibility criteria for the Diploma and Bachelor Degrees. For pursuing Master Degree, the Bachelor Degree in the field or equivalent is the eligibility. The eligibility for the Ph.D. is Master Degree in the field.

Career Prospect:

The demand to the specialist in the area is very huge. Hatchery units, Poultry sheds need the specialized person for the fumigation and shedding. The major responsibilities in the field are:

  • Giving suggestions for the improvement in the production of eggs or poultry meat
  • Supervising the unit operations
  • Helping the breeding programs
  • Incubation Unit management and machinery operation
  • Applying Preventing measures of bird diseases
  • Looking after feed formulation and bird nutrition

The opportunities are plenty at all stages of academic qualifications. The research is in the field is always encouraged which is helpful for the technological advancements of the production and other related aspects. Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board (ASRB) conducts NET for those who want to be researchers in the field. The Government as well as non-government bodies offer positions for the person in the field. The Government bodies like Krishi Vigyan Kendra also recruit the post graduates of the stream. Livestock Development officer, Veterinary officer, subject matter specialist are few of the jobs in Government bodies.

Research organizations, Poultry farms, and Poultry related industries offer the major job opportunities under non government bodies. Production Manager/Supervisor, Development Executive, Logistic executive are few of the job titles.

Teaching is another option of employment. The colleges of the field recruit Post Graduates and Ph.D. holders. Passing in National Eligibility Test avails lectureship for the Post Graduates.

Self employment is the other best choice. Poultry farming, Hatchery, poultry meat business, Poultry food processing entrepreneur- are few of the options.

Thus, Poultry Science offers a prosperous career option for the aspirants.

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