Career Options in Logistics supply Chain

Logistics has emerged as a high job producing sector in recent years. Due to the flourishing of e commerce and entailing, plethora of diversified career option has evolved. These jobs give exposure in terms of money, growth, customer service and many more. As the supply chain sector has increased its contribution to the overall ecomomy, it has become the first career choice for the new job seeker; Firms like Flipcart, Myntra, Junglee, DHL, and Amazon have changed the complete scenario by providing best customer service and hiring pool of talented employees.


Generally graduates in engineering in Mechanical., Materials Management, Operation Research etc are preferred in the industry but companies are coming up with different models where the select graduates form diversified disciplines and provide them job oriented training on all the aspects of supply chain management and logistics. After the training they deploy the trainees with companies. Computer knowledge and basic technical skills are also a pre requisite for the sector. Various courses can be opted to start with.

  • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • B.Sc/B.teck in Material Management
  • Diploma and course in Operation Research
  • MBA in Sales and Distribution
  • ERP/SAP modules

Skill Sets Required:

It is a field where communications, people management, interpersonal skills, client handling come as the main skills sets to perform. One who can analyze things quantitatively and qualitatively both will be a good fit. Problem solving skills and quick decision making is required here. These skills can be acquired through proper training, practice and real life coaching.

Career Avenues:

Logistics has several sub divisions like Warehouse Management, Information Management, Transport management, Inventory Managemnt, Workforce Management and other allied department. One can chose any stream which matches his taste, skills and attitude. With experience and learning growth in terms of money and designation can be achieved. There are different designations in logistics and supply chain department like:

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Logistics manager
  • SCM Engineer
  • Material Manager
  • SCM Sales Executive
  • Production Trainee/Manager
  • Purchase Manager
  • Support Executive/Offices
  • Transport Manager
  • Warehouse Coordinator
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • MIS Executive/Manager

Salary Structure:

As stated earlier logistics is one of the good paying sectors also. Those who are beginners can earn a starting monthly salary of Rs.12000 to Rs.20000 depending on the qualification and skills. Some firms offer much better starting salaries to graduates of reputed institutes and universities. Sales oriented jobs are linked with monthly incentives also which are sometimes very huge. With knowledge and more experience salaries can go to any limit.

Present Outlook:

E commerce has revolutionized this sector and national and international companies are now coming up to be a part of the growth. Various educational institutes are also offering customized course and placing their students with these firms with competitive salaries. They are hiring the talented people to train them for the challenges ahead, this is the right time to enter into the sector so that greater benefits can be sought in coming times.

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