Career Options in Transportation Careers Guide

A very encompassing sector, the Transportation industry consists of all businesses that help ship goods and transports people through land, sea and air. The businesses as well as the Government and the consumers all over the world depend upon the Transportation industry. The global nature as well as the increase in new technologies has stimulated the growth of the industry. Air transport businesses make use of aeroplanes as well as helicopters for the transportation of passengers as well as cargo. Careers in Transportation include pilots, flight engineers and cargo as well as reservation ticket agents. Water Transportation transports people and cargo through water and road and railway transportation transports people as well as cargo by road and railways.

Career Option in Transportation Eligibility

A high school diploma or its equivalent and special training for the different sectors is the main eligibility for the many jobs in the Transportation industry. A bachelor’s degree or a post graduate degree and a doctoral degree is necessary for a Transportation professional.

Career Option in Transportation Required Skills

Every employer requires some special skills in those employed in the Transportation sector. They are

  • Communication and language skill
  • Customer service skill
  • Ability to solve problems practically
  • Organizing skill as well as strategic planning skill
  • Have flexibility as well as adaptability and the ability to be mobile
  • Plan and arrange logistics
  • Industrial knowledge and expertise in transportation services available in the market
  • Good knowledge about different localities
  • Ability to handle competition in the field

How to start a Career in Transportation

One can be an apprentice to enter the Transportation industry and after plus two this can be done. A degree, post graduate degree or a doctorate will earn good and high positions in the different areas of transportation. As a transport planner, planning has to be done to improve the existing systems or implement new systems in specific areas. Good managerial skills are needed to hold good positions in the Transportation industry.

Career Option in Transportation Job Description

Work is usually carried on different levels from local level to international level and work tasks may differ accordingly. Transport and travel surveys have to be designed and interpreted correctly, clear reports have to be written for the customers and form potential solutions to transport problems. Planning logistics for transportation arrangements, ensuring quality of services, meeting deadlines, building up a good customer base and making and ensuring a legal set of transportation policies are also the activities to be done in the field of Transportation.

Career Option in Transportation Career Prospects

With experience one can gain managerial skills in handling all transportation arrangements, be experienced in dealing with people of different cultures and become an entrepreneur also. One can manage one’s own company and see that transportation of people and goods is done with efficiency, both locally as well as internationally. Any college graduate interested in a Career in Transportation or an experienced professional can find new and good opportunities in the industry.

Career Option in Transportation Salary

Salaries in the Transportation field will vary based on qualification, level of experience, specific job, the nature and size of the employer as well as geographical location and economic conditions.

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