Career Options in Business Administration

All the operations and functions involved in business organizations are part of the curriculum that is extended in the undergraduate and the postgraduate courses in Business Administration. Most of the organizations have a number of divisions, the heads of the divisions are usually equipped with a Master’s in Business Administration. One of the most popular careers that most students completing their graduation opt for at the masters level, the Business administration degree is extremely helpful in landing a dream job in some of the best blue chip companies around the world. Some of the different areas within an organization include the Human Resources, Finance, Administration, Accounts, Consulting, Marketing, and many others. Therefore, when taking up Business administration, one of these areas can be the specialization study.


There are two ways a candidate can be eligible to take up a career in Business administration.

  • The first option is complete the undergraduate course in any stream, preferably Commerce or Business and then follow it up with a Master’s in Business administration, specializing in any one aspect of the course.
  • The second option is the candidate can take up Business Administration Course in the undergraduate level and again at the Masters level which is a better way of preparing for a career in business administration.
  • The other method is to take up diploma courses in business administration, but the job opportunities would be limited in such cases. However, it stands a good chance with a number of certifications added to it.

Required Skills for a career in Business Administration

  • Communication and interpersonal skills are high on the list of requirements
  • Critical thinking, decision making skills and problem solving skills
  • Labor management and time management skills
  • High level computer skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Skills in team leadership, team management and if needed become a part of the team

Specialized skills would depend on the area of specialization. For example, apart from the above mentioned skills, other specialized skills would be:

  • Marketing skills for those taking up a career in Business Administration in Marketing.
  • Skills in identifying the right resources and recruiting them for the job for those taking up a career in business administration in HR
  • Accounting skills for those taking up a career in Business Administration in Accounting.

How to become a Business Administrator?

To become a business administrator, it is essential to have the required academic qualification. Besides, it is necessary to take up hands on training as an assistant or an intern and understand the working of an organization.

Job Description

Managing all the operations of an organization and administering the organizational functionalities are all part of the job of a Business administrator. Besides based on the division the manager works in, the other responsibilities are part of the role of the manager of the respective department.

Career Prospects

High level, managerial positions abound in organizations and there are high career prospects for people with a degree in business administration.


One of the most enviable jobs, the career in Business administration offers extremely lucrative pay packet and perks to professionals at all levels of Business administration.

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