Career Options in Geography

Geography is the Science of study of Earth. It is a diverse term which deals with aerial diversity of the surface of the earth. Derivative of the Greek words 'Geo or Gaea' (meaning Earth) and 'graphein' (to describe or to map), geography the term literally means 'to write or describe about the earth'. Thus geography can be described as the study of earth, its location and the distribution of its cultural and physical features, climate, land forms, soil, mineral, vegetation and resources. Geography is not simply an academic subject, but it includes finding out the facts related to the earth. The people related to geography are called Geographers.

Geography The Professionals

Geography provides one with an insight into an array of social, environmental, practical and economic issues. To add to this core Geography skills like the field work and the usage of specialist field equipment, construct diagrams and maps and using social survey in an interpretative manner. Professionals also develop a volley of key skills which are relevant to various job sectors like research and data collection, evaluation and analysis, Computational and mathematical skills, IT skills, oral and written communication skills and many more.

Geography Eligibility and Requirement

Candidates those who have passed 10+2 examination can apply for the bachelor’s course in Geography. This course is offered both in the arts and in the science stream (i.e B.A Geography and B.Sc. Geography). For the degree (or technical) courses, there is an entrance test (only in reputed universities and colleges). In these exams the aptitude of the aspirant is tested for the focused study of Geography. To pursue postgraduate course in geography it is a prerequisite to have a graduation degree in geography. Computer skills are also one of the compulsory requirements to qualify in the field of geography.

Career Options Geography

In the age of satellite technology and GIS there are numerous career options for qualified and capable geographer. Geographers work with different research institutes and government department. Geographers get career opportunities in NGOs and other agencies related to developments that are engaged in rural development, environmental issues and population studies. Teaching in schools, colleges and universities is also few of the many good career option. Apart from these travel and tourism also provides excellent career opportunities for those having sound back ground of Geography. Map and text book publishers, real estate developers, travel agencies, transportation companies and geo communication dealing companies employ Geographers. Apart from these few of the more dedicated job options of a Geographer are Cartographer, Surveyor, Drafter, Government employer, Urban and regional planner, GIS specialist, Climatologist, Transportation manager,Environmental Manager, Science (Geography) writer,Researcher,Urban planner,Teacher/Professor,Demographer, Government officer and many more.

Remuneration of Geography

Geographers provide their services in varied fields. There is relatively very less number of geographers because of which they are in high demand at national and international sphere. The remuneration and salary depends on the experience, potential, type of firm and seniority. Generally private companies pay incredible salary along with other profits, when compared to the government and public firm. In the field of geography, a qualified person can expect a starting salary somewhere around Rs. 15,000 - 25,000 per month. The senior persons in private sector may draw more than Rs. 1,20,000 per month.

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