Career Options in Civil Engineering

As a fresher in the field of Civil Engineering every individual’s primary responsibility is to start learning and drawing lessons from the work that they have been assigned. Initially Civil engineers handle a very less technical or complicated task which will majorly be assisting a senior Civil Engineer. But slowly and gradually their task increases they are provided with much complicated work. Civil Engineering demands a lot of dedication and toil. The growth in this industry completely depends on the ability of the person. As the ability increases so does the responsibility.

Civil Engineering The Profession

Like many other professions even civil engineering has similarities between its varied specialties. Yet each one has its own uniqueness. Any new Civil Engineer is deemed to quickly find that whatever they aspire to become in this field will certainly require some or the other kind of specialization. For example a structural engineer who chooses to build bridges will have to gain knowledge a specialized knowledge in the field of bridge building technology. This will require him to further funnel down his desire to specialize in certain kinds of bridges either suspension bridges or causeway bridges or anything else. Hence Civil Engineering as a career requires the person to be very willing to lean anything new nearly every day. This career apart from being extremely challenging is also very interesting and a great responsibility.

Civil Engineering Eligibility Criteria

For those who want to become a Civil Engineer, they can take two routes to it. They can either go for a diploma or join a degree course in civil engineering. For further specialization aspirants can also pursue post-graduation. The diploma is generally a three year course after class 10. The graduate course in civil engineering requires the person to have a 10+2 certificate with Mathematics and Physics as the major subjects. The duration of this course is generally 4 years. Those who are very passionate about this field can also do research work in this field.

Career Options in Civil Engineering

For any well qualified civil engineer there is no dearth of job opportunities in the market. Most civil engineers work with architectural firms or construction companies. These jobs include analysis, design, construction and repair of a wide variety of structures. These structures include bridges, skyscrapers, water treatment facilities and many more. Such civil engineers are generally a part of a big project team. This team consists of civil engineers and architects. The civil engineers will most likely be assigned to a part of any project. In these tasks the work of the engineers has to be well coordinated with the other team mates. A very small percentage of engineers are also self-employed or work in their family business. These generally provide many civil engineering services. These services may include construction of a house or the drainage system or at times even restoration work.

Civil Engineering Earnings

Civil Engineering is one of the well-paying careers if people get in the right firm with the right kind of work. A fresher in this field can earn anything between 4-6lakhs. With experience this salary exponentially rises. Good ability and workmanship further adds to the remuneration.

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