Career Options in Media Studies

A number of opportunities await those who take up a career in media studies and being on the most technologically advanced courses in media, the job offers are highly acclaimed and very popular. The media industry is one of the most dynamic ones that is surging ahead today due to the advancements made in communication and information technology. Being a very competitive industry, media studies can be a real advantage it making a career go forward in the industry.


The minimum requirement to start a career in media studies is an undergraduate degree in media studies which is better if followed by a Master’s degree. It is also possible to make a career in media by taking up a degree in Journalism and mass communication and then follow it up with diplomas or certification courses to specialize in some part of media study. Diploma degrees too can lead a person to a career in the media industry.

Required Skills

Basically, it is the academic qualification, the proficiency in a language and the ability to communicate freely. Besides these skills others skills required include:

Team building, working in a team and ability to manage or lead a team is one of the major skills required in a media person.

Presentable to look at, presentable in speech and a high level of ethical behavior is expected from the people taking up a career in Media Studies.

Must be computer literate and have a flair for words and language.

Be updated on the current news events and the happenings in the country and around it.

Aptitude for taking interviews and be presentable in front of leading personalities are some of the other skills that a person in the media industry should have.

How to become a profession in the media industry

Apart from the academic qualification, and the required skills, to take up a career in the media, the candidate needs to undergo training before getting live on the programs especially television programs.

Job Description

There are many kinds of responsibilities that a person in the media needs to take up. However the kind of responsibility would largely depend on the roles. With many roles the job description of each one differs and they are very different from each other. Each role is specific and each has its own job descriptions. Ranging from Cameramen, reporters, writers, presenters, copywriters and interviewers, there are many job opportunities search having a different description.

Career Prospects

The sky is the limit for those aspiring to be professionals in the media. There is a plethora of opportunities in the TV channels, the digital media and the print media and each of these is increasing day by day. So there is no dearth of opportunities for the deserving person.


For a person working in the media, there is a vast scope of opportunities that help them to earn a lucrative salary. The salary range is quite high and with more experience and qualifications the range can be expected to go higher.

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