Career Options in Advertising

Advertising in the world today has become an integral part of every business and no business can exist in the modern world without advertising their products and services. That is why the field of advertising is so much full of opportunities. The people who are highly creative and artistic can indulge in their talents and showcase them with the advertising of the products or services for the organization they are working for.


There are no specific educational qualifications that will train a person for advertising. But advertising companies usually look out for graduates with a postgraduate degree in Business Administration, Business management and International Business. People who have specialized in Advertising during their Business studies are more preferred.

Required Skills for a Professional in Advertising

Advertising is a creative job and hence a high level of creativity and an artistic sense should prevail in the individual. Besides, the skills in creativity, the other skills required include:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills,
  • Computer literacy
  • Management and leadership qualities
  • Ability to be persuasive
  • Team spirit, team management and ability to work in a team
  • Management of Stress and pressure

How to Become a Professional in Advertising

Apart from acquiring the academic degrees, it is essential to make sure that the right area of expertise is chosen. If your area of expertise is in writing, there best kind of jobs would be those that require your writing skills. If your area of expertise is painting and drawing, then it’s best to become a professional in which your artistic skills will be used.

Job Description

Some of the job profiles include creative copywriting, planning and execution of the artistic layout of the advertisement, planning a visual advertisement, selecting the characters required for an advertisement, designing the background in the advertisement and designing the color scheme and other aspects of the advertisement. Besides, it is essential for a professional in advertising to understand market trends and what makes a product successful and how to achieve that success through advertisement. Ability to handle the media is a very important part of the job of a professional in advertisement.

Career Prospects

It is one of the most extensive industries with a number of segments to it. So the career prospects are vast and very bright. There is room for all those who want to make a career in advertising. There are opening in both corporate sectors as well as other sectors like entertainment, which include, films television and the print medical. Besides, it is possible to augment your income by taking up freelancing work. Market research is a very prospective field in the world of advertising. There is a plethora of roles too, that an individual can take up in the field of advertising.


The world of advertising is known for its high range of salary and usually people in the advertising world, earn much more than others in the same level of job in other sectors. A professional in advertising can hope to get a very high salary which increases with more experience and enhanced skill sets.

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