Career Options in Journalism And Mass Communication

With the outstanding and unprecedented explosion in communication technology and mass media, Journalism and Mass Communication and the careers related to this has gained exceptional importance. Mass media covers all aspects in human life and so Journalism and Mass Communication can never be separated. Careers in Journalism and Mass Communication are lucrative and give satisfaction, helps build a rapport with the people and develops the creative aspect of the journalist. With endless possibilities in the profession, due to the need of communication specialists in not only companies, institutions and other organizations, Journalism and Mass Communication needs more and more professionals.

Careers Options in Journalism and Mass Communication Eligibility

A degree or diploma in arts or science is necessary for the profession. Post graduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication increases the chances for holding responsible positions in any organization.

Careers Options in Journalism and Mass Communication Required Skills:

Overall academic performance is the major factor. Other than that the skills required are

  • Writing ability
  • Media experience if any
  • Good performance in media courses
  • Maturity as well as objectivity and sensibility are other skills necessary in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Excellent communication skills and a lot of patience
  • An inquisitive as well as investigative mind and alertness, confidence and good command over the language

How to enter the field of Journalism and Mass Communication

Though a graduate degree is enough to enter the field a post graduate degree or diploma is essential to hold responsible positions. Communication skills have to be developed which can be done by blogging or freelancing to newspapers as well as online sites which in turn helps develop communication skills in Journalism and Mass Communication. Hard work and a lot of patience is necessary in this field as it is the mass that one deals with. Technically qualified professionals can work for TV channels or make their own documentaries.

Journalism and Mass Communication Job Description

Journalism and Mass Communication graduates work for newspapers and magazines, advertising, broadcasting news, marketing as well as photojournalism, public relations and radio and in many other areas. Good knowledge of news and current affairs and the global perspective of journalism and mass communication helps one become a reporter or a journalist.

Journalism and Mass Communication Career Prospects

A journalist can work in public relations as well as in television, films, publishing, editing etc. With endless possibilities and challenging work journalists inform, interpret as well as educate and enlighten the people and can be taken up as a part time career along with any other job. Any individual having great visionary as well as technical knowledge can make journalism and mass communication the turning point in their career. The sky is the limit for fresh, dynamic, young journalists as electronic communication technology has completely revolutionized the mass communication system.

Journalism and Mass Communication Salary

Salary depends upon the company one works for and the position held by the journalist. Talented and trained individuals get good pay as the field of Journalism and Mass Communication is a lucrative one. There are attractive and high paying jobs and those who are strong enough, has good communication skills and creativity land with well-paid jobs.

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