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This is one of the modern career options that has been inspired by many well-known anchors of the native country as well as those in the foreign TV channels. Similar a reporter has career options within this industry, which include reporting in the print media, the digital media and the Radio apart from the Television. Anchors are appointed based on their area of interest, like some may be interested in presenting political news, while others may be interested in sports or entertainment. There are many programs related to all of these and more like health, business, education and social issues. Anchoring programs related to any of these subjects would depend on the expertise and the interest of the anchor


The minimum qualification required is a graduate degree in any stream, but preferably journalism and mass communication. Besides, this minimum qualification, a Master’s degree in Mass Communication or Journalism would influence an impressive beginning. To be a TV anchor, the training is more essential than any academic qualification. However, having a PG degree in Journalism and Mass Communication is helpful

Required Skills

Apart from the academic qualifications, some of the required skills to that are needed in a candidate interested in taking up a profession in the field of an Anchor/ Reporter include:

  • High level of communication skills
  • Highly proficient in the English language or the language in which the anchoring is done
  • Articulation and Voice Modulation skills
  • Presentable appearance, camera friendly and a highly positive body language.
  • Dynamic personality that has the ability to be direct during interviews with personalities.
  • A high level of memory, ability to grasp a conversation, delve deeply into the conversation to be able to read between the lines.

How to become an Anchor / Reporter

To become an anchor or a reporter, the candidate needs to acquire the academic qualifications and then. After completing the academic requirements it is ideal to have hands on training. Reporting live can be slightly daunting for a fresh recruit, so the more the practice and experience is gained the more confident the person will be.

Job Description

The job of an anchor / reporter is actually very exciting and thrilling. Not only does the candidate get to meet great personalities in all the fields, but also has the opportunity to interview them, talk to them and interact with them. The job involves collecting information which is authentic and proven and presenting that information to an audience.

Career Prospects

The career prospects for an anchor or a reporter has never been better as it is the best time in the history of the audio –visual media. With the increase in the number of TV channels, the digital media reporting opportunities, and newspapers now going digital, there are loads of job opportunities in the world of journalism, anchoring and reporting.


The salary of the anchor/reporter is very attractive and lucrative. However it would depend on the kind of TV channel it is and the organization that owns the TV channel Some of the well-established newspaper barons have TV channels which are very popular and which offer a very high salary, unlike those which are more regional in nature.

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