Career Options in Television Studies

Television studies are the academic discipline that provide or shows a critical approach to television and is concerned with textual analysis. Scholars who went in for Television Studies have to first prove that television is far different from radio and cinema as it involves not only disciplinary but theoretical perspectives also. Television Studies involves a journalistic approach to television programs, a critical approach towards the television screenwriter and the social approach involving production as well as circulation and functioning of television in the present-day society. Film and Television Studies developed as distinct but at the same time intersecting industries in all art forms as well as in areas of academic study and the scholars are able to study the contexts in which form the different shows are produced.

Career Options Television Studies Eligibility

A graduate degree is enough for entering into the television field, but there are post graduate and diploma courses which will help one gain good positions in the industry. Some colleges offer abroad studies for one semester which helps widen the scope in Television Studies.

Career Options Television Studies Required Skills

Though a degree is the basic qualification, the scholar should have some additional skills too.

  • Planning skills
  • Research and communication skills
  • Visual as well as a critical awareness
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Time and project management
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Teamwork
  • Flexible, creative and an independent approach to allotted tasks

How to enter the field of Television Studies

There are graduate courses as well as post graduate and diploma courses which help one enter the field of Television Studies. Other than that the ability to communicate and research abilities, creative and analytical ability, time management, and many others, are also other Career Options in Television Studies. A scholar will be given the opportunity to make fiction as well as experimental or even documentary films or write original or adapted screenplays. Taking part in workshops, lectures, seminars etc. helps develop one’s skills. The various options in the field of Television Studies include technical as well as creative and managerial positions for which the training requirements vary. With fierce competition in the television field, content of the degree, experience and production skills decides the entry of one into the technical or practical career.

Career Options Television Studies Job Description

Undergraduates can work in different spheres such as production, advertising, journalism as PR and arts administration. One can go in for careers in teaching as well as in for research. Jobs include TV researcher, researcher and edit assistant as well as production assistant. Education and social work activities also are other sectors for a graduate to develop.

Career Options Television Studies Career Prospects

Graduates can work as directors, producers, arts officers, marketing associate professionals as well as audio—visual and broadcasting equipment operators. By choosing to study further, one can improve one’s skills and enter public relations or multimedia.

Career Options Television Studies Salary

Salary is based on the position and work and the company that hires the person. It may differ according to the situation, position and the degree and experience. Professional firms and consulting agencies offer higher salary based on the qualification, experience and skills.

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