Career Options in Mathematics

Mathematics, etymologically means knowledge, is a dreadful subject to many and on the other hand a very favorite subject to many others. For those who fall in love with mathematics have number of opportunities to have a bright career in it. Mathematics is functional in the regular day to day chores and of course a great apparatus of the sciences. It provides a scope to cope up with several subjects and attain progress in them.

Streams of Mathematics:

Being a very old subject, mathematics has several streams. The main branches are GENERAL MATHEMATICS, PURE MATHEMATICS, and APPLIED MATHEMATICS. The other stems of the branches are Functional Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Economics, Industrial Mathematics, Mathematics and Computers, Mathematics and Art, Vedic Mathematics etc. The streams illustrate that Mathematics can be applied for various subjects.

Courses Offered in Mathematics:

The usual Graduation degrees offered by several universities and colleges are B.A. and B.Sc. in which Mathematics is taught with the combination of two of the following: Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, and Computer Science. The same areas are available in Post-Graduation. Many universities offer these courses even in distance mode. In other hand, few universities and institutes are also offering five year integrated courses after 10 + 2.

A further study like ‘M.Phil.’ and ‘Ph.D’ allows research in the stream. Fellowships are provided by many universities and institutes for the skilled, who are selected by the tests.

Apart from the conventional degrees, there are several other courses offered in the specializations. Few institutes like MATHWORKS, Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance, Symbiosis School of Economics, Indian Statistical Institute of Bangalore, and Indian Institute of Technology of Bombay etc. are offering certificate courses in Mathematics.

The close relative of the subject is Statistics. The programs offered in Statistics possess the numerous topics of Mathematics.

Scope of career:

For a mathematic student, a cluster of professions are available to choose as Mathematics is a companionable subject to many other.

Teaching sector stands top in the choice of mathematicians. The opportunities are in both the Government and Private Institutes. Teacher in school, Lecturer or Professor in college or University are the basic opportunities in the teaching field. B.Ed. and CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) or TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) is the Eligibility Criteria for a Teacher. National Eligibility Test (NET) or State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) is the eligibility criteria for Lectureship. Assistant professor, Dean, Head of the Department, Principal, and Head Master are few other openings. There is always a great demand for skilled mathematicians in the teaching field.

The payment for a school teacher ranges 10,000 to 50,000. And for a Lecturer or Professor, the pay varies from 35,000 to 75,000. Many teachers choose to have their own institutes as their bread and butter which fill enough of their pockets.

Apart from teaching, there are openings in the organizations like Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Economics Service, Research Institutes, Indian Air Force, Analytical technology companies and Consultation companies. Quality Analysis, risk analyst or operation analyst are few more chances. Banks are another good option. The remuneration in the above sectors starts from 20,000.

Besides a degree, ICWA, CA or MBA in Finance drives to financial sector which is a choice of many. It is proven by many that Mathematics student do better in financial sector.

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