Career Options in Special Education

There is a great distinction between a formal education and special education. As the requirements of the children with disabilities are distinctive, the way of instructing them must run in such distinctive way itself. In the present situation, the supply of professionals is far behind from the requisite number. Thus, there is a great demand for the qualified professionals.

What is Special Education?

Special education deals with how to accomplish the requirements of the children with disabilities in different areas like education, social participation, emotional balancing etc. The children come under these special education are those who have physical disabilities such as hearing impairment, blind, cerebral palsy etc. or psychological disabilities like mentally retarded which may range from mild to intense.

What courses are available?

There are several courses offered by various universities and institutes. The programs available are Certificate course, Post Graduation and Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Post Graduation Diploma, Bachelor Degree-B.Ed., Master Degree. Along with above few institutes are offering Short Term Training Programs. Most of the courses are aimed a particular impairment like Visual Impairment, Mental Retardation, Hearing Impairment.

Universities which offer the above programs are - Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), National Institute of Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities of Chennai, IGNOU-National Centre for Disability Studies and many central and State Universities.

RCI is conducting training courses in Distance mode in Collaboration with several State Open Universities. Even few non-profit NGO like Tamana of Delhi are also offering courses giving special preference to those from rural backgrounds and from economically weaker sections of society.

Scope of Career:

The main opportunities are in teaching field at special schools, rehabilitation centers and Non-Government Organizations.

According to RCI, the minimum required qualification of a Special Education Teacher is-

Pre-Primary/Nursery/Play School : 12th passed and a Certificate Program in the area

Primary and Upper Primary : 12th passed and D.Ed. or Diploma in the area

Senior and Senior Secondary : Degree and B.Ed. (Special Education)

RCI suggests and encourages undergoing cross ability courses for taking care of wide range of diversities in general schools.

The pay usually starts from 15,000 to 20,000 for a Government teacher. As per the Government instruction the schools should not deny the admission of the students with any kind of disability. Thus, there is a requirement of a special education teacher in every Government and Non-Government or Private schools. Yet, the implementation of the instruction is not taking place as anticipated.

The increasing number of rehabilitation centers is giving relief to many parents. The ratio of the student and teacher is expected to be 5:1. Apart from these some parents prefer individual instructor at home to manage such kids.

What is expected from a Special education teacher?

Besides the educational qualification, humanity and endurance are the other requirements of a special education teacher. Unlike other kids, the kids with different disabilities require much more attention and affection which support them and strengthen their confidence levels to face the society. The requirement of these kids differs from each other. Thus, the techniques vary from one another. The teacher must be solicitous in choosing the teaching techniques.

Choosing the Special Education as career not only brings good takings but also the abstract satisfaction of carving few lives.

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