Career Options in Information Technology

In the present decades, Information Technology can be taken as the ruling king of the job sector. Though it is fluctuating, the number of opportunities provides a great scope to settle down in the field and make a good earning.

IT is one of the major sectors, which is sharing a big part in the revenue of the Government. It is not exaggeration that India is one of the leading Human Resourcing countries to the world in IT sector. Most of the computer professionals from India are settled in major companies of the world. Even in India, the jobs relative to the computers are high and would be high in coming decades. The usage of computers is taking place in each and every industry providing a scope of work to the computer literates.

Those who wish to go for the career in IT filed must be logical, innovative and good in analytical skills. Language skills and communication skills are added advantage.

Courses Available:

Information Technology is a cluster with several specializations. The basic division is SOFTWARE and HARDWARE. The courses are available in both of the branches.

The courses available are Certification, Diploma, Post Graduation Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Post Graduation, M.Phil., Ph.D.

Most of all the UGC affiliated Universities and Engineering Colleges are offering Graduation and/or Post Graduation Courses updating with the contemporary subjects. Apart from that, institutes like APTECH, NIIT are also offering courses which allow learning even a particular language or technology. Crash courses are also offered by these institutes.

Those who wish a different branch in IT sector can choose Cyber Crime Investigation Courses. There are several courses offered as per the requirement of the career. For example the one who wish to be a Data Entry Operator shall choose the related course.

Scope of Career:

There are several positions in the IT Sector. For Software:

  • Programmer
  • Project Leaders
  • Software Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Computer Operator
  • System Analyst

Those who complete MBA along with Computer course are eligible for the management positions in IT Sector:

  • Manager
  • Executives etc

In Hardware sector, the major roles are as technicians. Few positions in hardware are:

  • Field service technician
  • System Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical Engineer

The teaching field is another option. The e-teaching enables job opportunities to people from different sectors to enter the IT field. Example Content Writers of educational portal, technical writers etc.

  • Instructor
  • Teacher in a school
  • Lecturer or Professor in a college
  • Coordinator
  • Content developers

E-commerce, Cyber crime investigation are other emerging areas for the IT professionals. Apart from the jobs, self-employment is a best alternative option. Many run IT solution companies or manage their own website. Few become freelancing workers and work on individual projects. Trained in different areas, increase the opportunities.


The remuneration varies from the positions. The pay for a Data Entry Operator or Computer Operator ranges 5,000 to 15,000. For programmer and other equivalent positions, the pay ranges 15,000 to 50,000, depending on the qualification and experience. The management positions hold higher packages. The Hardware positions also range high in package which starts from 30,000.

Though the number of qualified is in good number, there is a lack of skilled professionals. The openings for skilled IT professionals are high and going to be higher.

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