Career Options in Hardware

The advancement of IT sector provides equal scope of employment to Hardware professionals along with Software. Many Government and Private sectors, industries and organizations are adopting the computer technology and networking, which enable several comforts like systematic maintenance through the core, swiftness in sharing information and managing several branches in the same working style by connecting each other etc. Banking, Telecommunication, IT Departments,…the list has been updating with the added organizations. Thus, the requirement of Hardware professional is a compulsion to all the sectors.

What do the Hardware professionals do?

The Hardware Professionals basically work on the components of computers like mother board, RAM, circuits, internal or external hard disks etc. Usually Networking is the combination of work which most of the hardware majors choose. Assembling a computer, designing a computer, researching on the advancement of hardware technologies, managing the networking systems are the major works of the field.

What courses are offered in Hardware?

4 year Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineer or relevant graduation is in demand for several job opportunities. The Master Degree helps to aim the higher level of the openings.

Several Institutions and Colleges are offering different type of courses with the span of 6 months to 6 years. Few colleges are:

  • School of Computer Science and Engineering of Techno India University are offering 6 years integrated B.Tech. In Computer Science and Engineering with the academic eligibility of passing in 10th.
  • Institute for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments is offering Certificate Course in Computer Hardware, Networking and Multimedia with eligibility of passing in 10th.
  • APTECH- Hardware and Networking Academy is offering career courses in Netlink, Hardware Engineering, System Administration and System Engineering. Apart from those courses, 75 days professional courses and certified short term courses are also offered.

A+, N+ and Network Security are the few current leading courses.

What is the scope of career in Hardware?

There are several job opportunities in various sectors. IT, Telecom, Computer Section in Banking, Public Sector Undertakings like BHEL, DRDL etc., Civil Services, State Engineering Services, Indian Engineering Services and Colleges and Universities are the major bodies providing opportunities to the hardware majors.

The job roles available in the field are:

  • System Administrator
  • System Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical Engineer
  • Instructor in a college or institute
  • Service desk executive
  • Computer Hardware Engineering
  • Linux Administrator

Initiating an own company, institute or related business is an alternative option. To attain the Management related jobs in the field, pursuing MBA after the Engineering Graduation is must.

What is the range of the payment?

For an Entry level Engineer the payment starts from Rs. 10,000 or above. The higher positions and experienced may fill the pockets minimum with Rs. 30,000 and above. The Management level jobs and Professor in Universities or Colleges range in six digits of pay.

What helps the growth in the career in Hardware?

  • Good knowledge of System Software applications along with hardware is very helpful.
  • Acquiring Certificate or Diploma in advanced courses is supportive for better opportunities.
  • Updating with the upcoming developments is also an important issue.

The Hardware is very good choice for those who like practically applicable subjects. It is an upgrading stream that expands with more opportunities in the coming years.

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