Career Options in Genetic Engineering


Genetic engineering is a branch of science that is highly advanced and requires extensive research. It is extremely complicated and a profound knowledge is on the subject is required for a person to take up the job of a Genetic Engineer. The science deals with bringing about changes in the genetic content of the DNA Code in all living organisms. Genetic engineering therefore, is a modification that is deliberately conducted in order to study the character of the organism and by manipulating its characters a broader understanding is gained. The subject of genetic engineering is a specialization that is usually done after the study of a broader subject area like Biotechnology.

Career Option in Genetic Engineering Eligibility

To be a genetic engineer, the candidate must have acquired an engineering degree in Biotechnology, then postgraduate specialization can be done in Genetic engineering. For research and teaching jobs in most cases, candidates with Doctoral or PhD degrees are usually preferred.

Career Option in Genetic Engineering Required Skills

A successful genetic engineer must have high-level analytical and research skills. The ability to focus on the job inspite long hours of work and ability to concentrate on a particular factor for a long time are some of the mental ability that the candidate should possess. Other skills include:

  • Identifying and understanding the various processes involved in research
  • Ability to communicate and express the results of research and ability to put forward facts if in a teaching position
  • Leadership qualities when leading a research
  • The team spirit to be involved in the team
  • Team management skills

How to become a genetic Engineer?

Firstly, academic qualifications up to the level of a PhD or a Doctoral degree is mandatory, especially if they are taking up research or teaching jobs. If they are taking up jobs in Pharmaceutical or medical industry specializations in a particular field in the subject area would be essential Starting off with assistant jobs would be an ideal process s one gets to learn a lot from such jobs.

Career Option in Genetic Engineering Job Description

Most of the jobs in the area of genetic engineering belong to various sectors like medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, research and development sector. Each of these sectors have different roles for its people working in it and therefore most of the responsibilities would differ according to the industry as well as the roles taken up in the different industries

Career Option in Genetic Engineering Career Prospects

Genetic engineering is a relatively new field, but even though it has emerged quite recently it is very rapidly progressing and thereby increasing the need and demand for genetic engineers. And since the demand is not limited to any one industry or sector of jobs, it is quite likely that the job opportunities for genetic engineering are on the rise.

Career Option in Genetic Engineering Salary

The range of salary is very promising and quite lucrative, though there is a possibility of getting a really high salary is after a few years of experience. It also depends on the kind of role that the genetic engineer takes up. Research and teaching jobs are very highly paid.

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