Nano Technology Courses in India

Know More about Nano Technology Courses and Their Career Prospects

Nanotechnology is a side branch of science that relates to the reason for science, technology as well as engineering to develop new elements and products in numerous fields in Nano range. Nano scale technology as well as Molecular manufacturing are 2 leading areas in Nanotechnology. Nano scale technology tests small building that is utilized in making more powerful elements, much better medicines together with faster computer systems. Molecular manufacturing is related to building mechanized and chemical production systems that enroll in molecules together.

Nanotechnology is utilized in numerous fields for example medicine, textile, education and learning, electronic gadgets, auto-mobile gadgets, bio-technological functions, genetic technology, sports together with fitness tools, ophthalmology relevant instruments, quality handle, forensics, defense, healthcare apparatus, space and also robotics, polymer chemistry, aeronautics farming, environment domains and also business functions.

Nanotechnology is very close to a device of future and may well carry major technical advances in the 21st century. The technological innovation may perhaps produce clothes which could reduce chemical and also biological tools from coming in contact with human skin.

For seeking an occupation in the field of Nanotechnology, the aspirant need to have a post graduate certification in the topic i.e. they should have an M .Tech or M.Sc. qualification in Nanotechnology.

Currently, absolutely no reputed organization in India is providing courses in Nanotechnology at the college level. Eligibility requirements for carrying out Post Graduation in Nanotechnology is Bachelor's degree with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as well as Life Sciences and with PCM (Physics, Chemistry as well as Mathematics) since subsidiary topics. The M.Tech course in Nanotechnology is to your benefit simply because college students who originate from distinct streams improve one another to magnify their information. The applicants who wish to follow higher studies in Nanotechnology, can certainly apply for M.Tech in Nanotechnology after finishing their B.Tech degree in almost any one field.

Eligibility for Nano Technology Courses

M.Tech/M.Sc. in Nanotechnology is the eligibility requirements within this field. B.Tech with Material science Computer research provides numerous career possibilities. Anyone who has finished M.Sc in Physics/Chemistry/Material Science/Biotechnology/Computer Science may also enroll in for M.Tech Course in nanotechnology. Entrance to the 5 year built-in M .Tech Course in Nanotechnology is presented by means of the entrance test.

Job Prospects for Nano Technology Courses

Nanotechnology specialists have been in great need in popular electronics, commercial products as well as medical care marketplaces. Nanotechnology continues to be in initial stages of improvement in India. The Government of India has come up with S&T Initiatives in Nanotechnology. Nevertheless, Nanotechnology graduates have got lots of possibilities in medical, health and fitness industry research, natural environment industries, a pharmaceutical, agriculture, educational facilities, private researching institutes, academic institutes,entrepreneurial, investment experts in biotechnology, research as well as development in federal government, product growth and counseling, conversation and mass media and interfacing of new technology.

Pay package for Nano Technology Courses

The salary expectations available for Nanotechnology graduates in public industry is Rs.20000 to Rs.30000 as well as the package is greater in the private industry. The package available for experienced specialists ends Rs. 1 lakh monthly.

Undergraduate (UG) Nano Technology Courses in India

Doctorate Nano Technology Courses in India

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