Career Options in Research And Development

In the world today, everything that happens for the first time is a result of in-depth research and development. A vast and extensive branch of Science, research and development has been the basis on which most of the facilities offered have become possible. It is an interdisciplinary field, and the possibility of research for development is offered in the medical field and its related areas like nutrition, nursing and others, agriculture and related fields like animal husbandry, livestock development and veterinary science. Environmental studies and related field like earth science and geography.

The list is extensive and since each of these areas has a large number of sub-areas the list can go on and on. Nevertheless, this fact gives rise to the belief that here is never any scarcity in the jobs that are available in the field of research and development.

Career option in Research & Development Eligibility

It is only after obtaining the postgraduate degree that the student can take up enrollment in the research and development courses, also known as the PHD or the Doctoral courses.

How to become an R & D Professional

Any plan to take up careers in research and development should begin at the very young age, preferably when opting for stream at the +2 or the higher secondary level. The students can then opt for an undergraduate degree program that imparts education in the field in which the students aspire to take up research. The duration of the undergraduate study is as follows:

  • 3 years for degree in Arts / science / Commerce / technology and application
  • 4 years for engineering and Technology studies
  • 5 years for medicine and related studies.

The student then can take up a specialized area of study in the subject for the Masters or the post-graduate level which is a two year study.

Career option in Research & Development Required Skills

  • High level of competency in the subject area in which research is being conducted.
  • Completely thorough with the knowledge of the subject
  • Creative thinking, ability to be thought provoking and ability to draw conclusions are some of the skills required.

Job Description - Career option in Research & Development

Depending on the subject area, the job of an R & D professional has many benefits apart from the salary point of view. They get to work along with the most knowledgeable people, scope for innovative and creation, and provides complete freedom to the personnel to create products that benefit humanity. Moreover, in most projects there are no deadlines so the pressure is almost absent.

Career option in Research & Development Career Prospects

There are many career options that the students can take up after obtaining the PhD degree. Depending on the areas of study chosen, there are many job opportunities in the department of research and development. Being very vast, it is not possible to be listed in any one category. Since there is a department of research and development in almost all categories of jobs and study, job opportunities abound in all of them.

Career option in Research & Development Salary

A highly lucrative salary await the professional taking up jobs in R & D and it also depends on the area in which the research is being conducted.

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