Career Options in Design Engineering

Design engineering deals with new product designing and development. There are several designing services like machine design service, Industrial design service etc. The disciplines that come under the stream are different type of engineering works like mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, architectural engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, Information technology etc.

Most of these engineers either work with a team of engineers or work individually. The term is often confused with the term planning engineering. The former term deals with the synthesis of design and the later deals with analysis of design. Design engineer is responsible for the mixing of different ideas or things to make a whole which is different or new.

Major tasks of the discipline:

  • Creating the drawings or statements that work as examples of the machinery or industrial product which is to get developed.
  • Value Engineering of designs to attain cost object and at the same time better product performance
  • Prototyping with the help of the drawings for the better understanding of the product. They are either tested or checked according to the type of prototype
  • Finalizing with the team
  • Reviewing the trial run of the methods through technical processes
  • Listing the Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Responsibility of the product that the changes, corrections or updating are to be followed all through the life of the product.

Courses of the stream:

B.Tech. and M.Tech. are the major programs of the stream where 10+2 with science subjects is the eligibility for B.Tech. and B.Tech. in the stream or equivalent is the eligibility for M.Tech. The admissions process is based on the performance in the entrance test.

Career aspect:

The design engineers are often recruited in the servicing companies. The personnel are expected for the continuous process of improvisation methods in Design process and Value Engineering.

The person of the field must have the respect for Intellectual Property Rights and must have a holistic approach towards the work nature as it directly or indirectly reflects the society, environment and ecosystem. The person must also be able to predict the variations related to the performance and must be good in the identification and establishment of Critical Inspection Dimensions. One can have better opportunities with the proficiency in the software programs like Pro-e, AutoCAD and ANSYS.

The job roles are majorly found in Electronics Design and Engineering, Electricals, IT Hardware, Telecom Engineering etc.

The chief titles of the opportunities are:

  • Engineering manager
  • Manager manufacturing engineering
  • Structural engineer
  • Product Design Engineer
  • Hardware Design Engineer

Pros and cons:


  • Ample opportunities
  • Good pay packages with less experience
  • Chances to the knowledge updating


  • Stressful work attitude
  • Individual based work culture

Pay package:

The initial pay of the design engineer ranges around 1.5 lakhs per annum. The professionals are paid higher with the little experience.

The career option is a distinct side of engineering which has less chance of contacts with public directly. Those who have the attributes like being comfortable with individual based work culture with the proficiency in the discipline and think differently to get an innovative outcome may have a rapid career growth.

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