Career Options in Home Science

Till recently, the domain of Home Science was considered to be predominantly for women, but in present times, there has been a surge in the enrollment of young men seeking to make a career in Home Science. One of the main reasons for this is the advancement made in the tourism, hospitality and the health industry and also due to globalization where business has increased leading to increase in travel. The demand for highly skilled professionals in the field of home science has compelled a lot of people, including young men to take it up as a profession.

Career Option in Home Science Eligibility

The eligibility criteria would depend greatly on the kind of role being opted. Being interdisciplinary, the basics need to be mastered at the Higher Secondary level in which the student will have to opt for the science stream. A vast curriculum has been formulated for the Undergraduate programs that lead to a Bachelor’s degree which is an essential criteria for a career in Home Science. For higher level jobs, usually a Masters or a Ph.D is required, especially if opting for a Research or Teaching jobs.

Required Skills to become a Home Science Professional

Some of the essential skills required to become a home science professional include:

  • Caring for other people and this should be enhanced for health care professionals
  • Safety measures, hygiene, and healthy attitude towards work
  • Organizational skills
  • Highly self-disciplined skills and ability to demand the same from others in the team, department or organization
  • Communication and interaction skill is very significant as professionals in this niche usually interact with people.
  • Understanding of home management (or office) health and nutrition, social responsibilities and management of the social network existing in the society

How to become a Home Science Professional?

Apart from the academic background, the professionals also need to undergo extensive training to make sure that they are able to get the right opportunities. Working as an intern is one of the ways to rise up in the profession. Since there are opportunities in a number of varied industries, getting a job for a home science professional is not such a daunting task.

Career Option in Home Science Job Description

For a professional in home science, it does not merely mean managing a home or excelling in culinary arts, though these are just parts of the profession. Home Science also means learning the art of decoration, home management, home financial management, health management, and above all following the social order. All this does not only signify the home, but also the workplace.

Career Option in Home Science Career Prospects

Since the realm of the industry of Home Science is so vast and extensive, there are ample opportunities for candidates acquiring a degree in Home Science and the opportunities are not limited to any one industry but many. Research and Teaching are other job prospects that people with a Home Science degree can take up. Mostly beginning at the administrative level rise up to a managerial position so the prospects are very high.

Career Option in Home Science Salary

A very lucrative salary can be expected by professionals in the home science industry and depending on the niche the salary can vary.

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