Career Options in Aircraft Maintenance

The enlargement of aviation sector is leading the increase in number of aircrafts. Safety assurance of the aircrafts is a vital issue which requires a professional to ensure. Aircraft maintenance deals with the examination of the aircrafts. Aircraft Maintenance engineers are licensed to approve the features of the aircraft so that the safety is ensured. The three year training course is designed to provide the engineers a complete knowledge of aircrafts and its systems along with the maintenance techniques.

Areas focused in the training program:

According to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) the training program must furnish the following to the training engineer:

  • Acquaintance of Aircraft Manual of India, Civil Aviation Requirements and Circulars issued by Airworthiness Advisory etc.
  • Acquisition of Theoretical and practical technological knowledge of design, structure, functioning of aircraft, engine systems and aircraft equipment used in manufacture of air frames, engines, supportive machinery and frills.
  • Techniques, tools and knowledge of helpful equipment used in the maintenance of aircraft.
  • Assessment practice to judge the worthiness of the aircraft.

The engineers are trained in the areas like Aircraft Rules and Regulations, Aircraft General Engineering and maintenance practices, Different airframes, Engines, propellers, electric systems, aircraft instruments, installation and compensation of reading compasses and fitment of instruments, autopilot and radio equipment.

The training must be acquired from the approved training institute of DGCA. The eligibility is passing in 10+2, with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, with 50%. After completion of the internal examination of the course, the exam conducted by DGCA must be cleared to attain the license.

Job prospect:

One must be physically and mentally fit and must be prepared to work in odd timings as per the requirement.

Though there is a tough competition in the field, the skilled are always given preference. The major job title is Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The responsibility of the occupation is to ensure the following:

  • The safety precautions are followed
  • Usage of equipment and tools
  • The working condition of equipment and tools

Apart from ensuring the above the professional may also be required to perform the following:

  • Supervising the helper’s work
  • Attending the arrival and departure of the aircraft
  • The maintenance of tool kits
  • Refueling and servicing
  • Ensuring the cleanliness in the aircraft

The job opportunities are found in the Government as well as private Airlines and Aviation organizations, Airworthy offices, Air Safety Offices and Research and Development offices.

The major recruiters are:

Indian Airlines, Air India, Spice Jet, Air Deccan, Jet Airways Sahara, Go Air, Blue Dart Aviation etc.

The fresher in the field starts his career with 10,000 and above. The experienced in the field are paid high.

The open sky policy of the Government is allowing many private companies and organizations enter the field creating huge employment opportunities. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers play a stellar role in all those organizations as the assurance of the safety is rather important and every take off need such assurance that the aircraft is in perfect condition.

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