Career Options in Cement and Ceramic

The developed technology has given a great preference to cement and ceramic in the construction field because of the durability and stability of the materials. The improved techniques in the processing of these materials made them to face tougher tasks. Apart from this, they are also used in beautifying the houses and other constructions. Many utensils or idols are also made by these materials. These materials also allow less effort during preparation but remain sturdy later and get used for a long time. Thus, the utilization of the materials has increased with a great pace that the demand always meets the supply and sometimes overcome the supply.

Courses in the stream:

B.E. or B.Tech. , M.Tech., Ph.D. - are the major courses of the stream.

The eligibility for the Bachelor degree is passing in 10+2, with science subjects, with 60% and above. The Bachelor degree is the eligibility for the Master Degree. Few of the colleges admit on the basis of the scores in entrance tests. The Ph.D. eligibility is Master Degree in the stream and the score in the conducted entrance test.

Many institutes are also offering Diploma courses for which once again passing in 10+2 with science subjects is the eligibility.

Topics come under the courses:

Mechanical Sciences, Engineering Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics, Chemical thermodynamics and Kinetics, Minerology and Micorscopic Analysis, Chemical Analysis of Ceramic Raw Materials, processing methodologies and techniques, White wares, Plant designing and feasibility study, quality assurance are few of the topics of the courses.

Career prospect:

The major jobs of the stream are offered in the following fields:

Cement companies, Ceramic Production Companies, Research companies like Defence Metallugical Research Laboratory. Apart from them, few other companies like electrical and electronics, medical and nuclear companies; research organizations like Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Institute of Plasma Research and other also recruit the personnel of the field.

The chief job titles are:

  • Design and Estimation Engineer
  • Product Designers
  • Trainee
  • Production operator
  • Project Assistant
  • Material Engineer
  • Project supervisor
  • Marketing Engineer

The principal works of the field are designing and construction of the plants, planning and developing processing techniques and their implementations, processing the methodologies with the production and designs. The engineers of the field also deal with other materials like glass, enamels, composite materials etc.

The specialists of this diverse line are expected to execute the new methodologies and techniques to develop new process systems, new products and new mixing components and others.

Teaching in the related colleges is also an option. The Master Degree and Ph.D. holders are often recruited as Lecturers and Professors.

Self employment is the major choice of many of the field. Production industry of Cement, Cement tiles, ceramic tiles, building materials, kitchen ware, gift articles and other related products; marketing entrepreneur are few of the options.

Pay package:

A fresh graduate of the stream is expected about Rs. 30,000 and above. The experienced are paid higher.

The field offers a potential and prospective career that the people who like practical application of works and love the related materials do shine in the field with a little experience.

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