Career Options in Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science is a good career option for those who love animals. There is a great demand for Veterinary doctors or vets as the supply of the professionals is lesser than the required. Thus it is catching the attention of the enthusiasts as well as animal lovers to choose the stream as the career.

Responsibilities of a veterinarian:

Veterinary science deals with the health issues of animals. A vet must take care of

  • Breeding
  • Handle livestock
  • Vaccination
  • Artificial insemination
  • Control the spreading of diseases from animals to animals or from animals to human beings
  • Treatment of diseases
  • Advising the people on animal farming or pet caring
  • Improvement measures of production, in case of dairy or poultry.

A vet must be well known of the various animal breeds, their characteristics and food style and the communication methods.

Courses available:

Diploma, Bachelor and Post Graduation are the major courses of the discipline. Even further courses like Ph.D. are also offered by many universities.

  • Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy
  • Diploma in Veterinary and Livestock Development Assistant
  • B.V.Sc. in Animal Genetics and Breeding, Animal Production and Management, Extension education of Veterinary, Veterinary Gynaecology and Obst., Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, Veterinary surgery and radiology, Animal Nutrition. Though the nomenclature of the course varies from university to university, the aim of the course remains same. The eligibility is 55% in 10 + 2 and the score of the conducted entrance test is also considered.
  • M.V.Sc. with the eligibility of B.V.Sc. and the score in the conducted entrance test.
  • Ph.D. with the eiligibility of M.V.Sc. and the score in the conducted entrance test.

The above are the courses available. Bachelor and Master degree can be opted in any of the specializations.

Job Prospect:

The Veterinarians find major openings in Veterinary hospitals, Zoological Parks, Animal husbandry department, Pharmaceutical industries, Pet food manufacturing companies, dairy farms, poultry farms, dairy and poultry products’ processing companies and race clubs. Vets often offered positions in Army or BSF or other related Government services to cater the services to the animals which are used for local transportation.

Many vets prefer to practice in the own clinic in rural or urban areas. The rural areas need a vet where the animal husbandry is the major income source. The urban areas need a vet as the pet nurturing culture has been developing rapidly.

Teaching in the Veterinary colleges is another option. Master degree or Ph.D. is the minimum eligibility.

Many research centers employ skilled veterinarians to develop better vaccinations, toxins or any other animal related stuff.


The remuneration for a fresh Bachelor degree holder of the discipline is nearly about 15,000 and above.

Thus, Veterinary science is an emergent career which provides good remuneration to the pocket and satisfaction to the soul.

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