Bachelor Of Architecture (B.Arch) Courses in India

The B.Arch. Courses or the Bachelor of Architecture is a highly professional course. It is an undergraduate course conducted by many Professional colleges in India. The B.Arch. Courses are either conducted by colleges and universities dedicated to the study of architecture or have a school of architecture as part of the discipline in which education is imparted. This course can be further enhanced with a Postgraduate Degree in Architecture and even further with P.HD in any of the specialized fields of Architecture. The B.Arch. Courses are conducted in different colleges and universities that range from the Central and the State and the Deemed and Private universities

Details of the B.Arch. Courses

Duration: The course is for a period of five years and the candidates get to imbibe theoretical and practical skills.

Enrolment: The candidates must have passed the Higher Secondary or the 10+ 2 Examination with at least 55% marks with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and /or Biology.

There is an Entrance Examination for the enrolment in the B.Arch. Courses and it is conducted through the Joint Entrance Examination conducted by the Central Government as well as the State government. A high rank in any one will determine the college you can enrol in.

A specialized B.Arch. Entrance Examination is also conducted by the Central Government for admission to the B.Arch. Colleges.

A high rank in the Joint Entrance Examination allows the candidate to seek admission to any of the three Schools of Architecture that have been established by the Government of India in three major cities of India.

Architectural Institutes of National Importance

The B.Arch. Courses are conducted in different Institutes of National Importance and they include The Indian Institutes of Technology, The National Institutes of Technology, and the School of Planning and Architecture all of which are highly prestigious institutions in the country.

Job Opportunities for B.Arch. Courses

There are many job opportunities for an Architect having completed the B.Arch. Courses and some of them include that of an engineer, a technologist, academician, photographer, structural engineer, building designer and many others.

The Architects Act passed in the year 1972 by the Government of India requires every candidate to register on successful completion of the B.Arch. Courses at the Council of Architecture. The Council is the regulatory body for the education of Architecture in the country. To be eligible to work as an architect, the registration in the Council is mandatory for the candidate.

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