Bachelor Of Business Administration (B.B.A) Courses in India

The B.B.A Courses are one of the relatively new courses that have been introduced as a discipline of study in the undergraduate degree programs. The B.B.A Courses are the Bachelors in business Administration and this is a very good subject to take up if one is planning to pursue the Business Administration studies at the postgraduate level.. The B.B.A Courses usually include Commerce, Business Studies, and related subjects in both the areas of study.

What the B.B.A Courses Entails?

The B.B.A Courses are a highly advanced one and comprises of all the components that add up to providing a highly functional knowledge and skills that are of use in an organization. There are some Core subjects that are significant for the working of an organization and it is these core subjects that form the main areas of study in the B.B.A Courses. Besides, there are other areas like the Communication Skills, Managerial Skills, Decision Making, Problem Solving, and many others. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, the other part is the practical skills that the students are exposed to as part of the B.B.A Courses.

The Enrolment Procedure for B.B.A Courses

The enrolment to the B.B.A Courses is just like the enrolment process for any other Bachelors’ degree program. The Student should have completed the Higher Secondary/ 10+ 2 examination with at least 45% marks. The student should preferably have studied commerce subjects in the qualifying examination, however, some of the Humanities subjects are also considered, especially subjects like Economics, Political Science and even Literature.

Some colleges conduct an entrance test for admission to the B.B.A Courses. The test usually comprises of the core subjects learned in the qualifying examination, especially mathematics, English and General Knowledge.

Duration of the B.B.A Courses

The duration of the course is of 3 years.

Today there are many general colleges of Arts and Science that conducts the B.B.A Courses and offer the business courses up to the postgraduate level. There are other courses that are similar to the B.B.A Courses the BMS or the Bachelors’ in Management Studies, and the B.B.A Courses which is the Bachelors in Business Management. All three of these courses are almost equal in their significance, but what differs is the core subjects that the student following each course needs to study.

Syllabus of the B.B.A Courses

The syllabus for the B.B.A Courses includes most subjects related to business like business Law, Business Management, Human Resource, Environment in business, Taxations, Branding and Advertising are just a few of the subjects that student need to study during the three year course.

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