Bachelor Of Physiotherapy (B.P.T) Courses in India

The Bachelors in Physiotherapy or the B.P.T Courses is undergraduate course conducted in the field of medicine. It is a para-medical course related to the areas of the processes of medical treatment. Though physiotherapy is a process that uses exercises, massages, and working on equipment related to the orthopedic department in medicine, the person conducting the treatment process for physiotherapy needs to be qualified with the B.P.T Courses to be working as one. This is a major position the orthopedic department as it is the physiotherapist who is referred to by the orthopedic doctor for further treatment once the medications and the other treatments are over. Sometimes after a surgery the treatment process continues with the physiotherapist. Therefore, considering these factors the role of the physiotherapist is quite vital in the healing process of the bones and structures of the body.

Details of the B.P.T Courses

Duration: The undergraduate course, the B.P.T Courses are of 4 1/2 years duration which includes a period of internship for 6 months.

Enrolment: To be eligible for enrolment to the B.P.T Courses , the student needs to have completed the Higher Secondary or the 10+2 examination with a minimum of 50% marks aggregate. The subjects studied should be Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics along with Biology. The student also needs to pass the Common Entrance Examination for admission to the B.P.T Courses. Another important factor is that the student should have completed 17 years of age to be eligible for enrolment in the B.P.T Courses

There are many core subjects as well as specialization subjects that the student taking up the B.P.T Courses needs to study.

Some of the Core subjects to name a few include

  • Orthopedics
  • Anatomy
  • Physical Exercise Therapy
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation in the Hospital as well as in the community

To be eligible for a degree after completing the B.P.T Courses, the student must have an attendance of 80% classes per year and examinations conducted include both internal assessments and paper based examinations like theory papers. Practical examination is also conducted and the students need to score high in it. The candidate sitting for all the examination must score a minimum of 50% marks individually in Theory papers and in the practical respectively of the main subjects. In the subsidiary papers the 35% marks is adequate to be declared passed in the subjects.

List of Bachelor Of Physiotherapy Courses in India

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