Bachelor Of Elementary Education (B.EL.Ed) Courses in India

The B.EI.ED Courses are a section of the Teacher Education Course and it is especially beneficial to teachers who aspire to be Elementary level teachers. One of the most preferred areas of teacher jobs, the role of the elementary teacher is very significant to the child as the teacher is training the children in their growing years. Most of the learning abilities are imbibed in the children at the Elementary stage and that is why it’s so important that the teacher is well trained and equipped with the right type of training. The B.EI.ED Courses are one of the most suitable steps towards training to be an Elementary Teacher.

Details of the B.EI.ED Courses

B.EI.ED Courses Duration: The duration of the B.EI.ED Courses is for four years.

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction in most cases is English, however, in some universities the medium of instruction is in Hindi also and the students can opt for the medium as per their convenience.

Eligibility for B.EI.ED Courses: To be eligible for the B.EI.ED Courses, the candidate needs to have undertaken the 10+ 2 or the Higher Secondary examination successfully. The cut off percentage is usually 50%, but it is liable to change depending on the subject on which the specialization has been opted for.

Besides this requirement, there is also the Common Admission Test through which the admission process to the B.EI.ED Courses takes place.

The final part of the admission process is an interview, which must be completed satisfactorily

The Course Period: It is an integrated program that is undertaken full time for four years. The first three years of the B.EI.ED Courses is for the study of theoretical and practical subjects while the fourth year is dedicated to real time learning through real time teaching experience that takes place in real classrooms.

Recognition: The candidate must ensure that the institution to which admission is sought is recognized by the National Council of Teacher Educating or the NCTE.

About B.EI.ED Course

The course is a full time four year course which has 19 papers on Theory and the rest are practical papers.

The B.EI.ED Courses comprise of both the Foundation and the Core subjects which make up the complete courses. Besides, there are the Pedagogy Courses, the Specific Disciplinary Courses and the Specialization Courses.

There are many colleges of Education that offer the B.EI.ED Courses among which there are many women’s colleges that offer this teacher training program.

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