Bachelor Of Pharmacy (B.Pharma) Courses in India

A Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree is aimed to empower the candidate with all the knowledge pertaining to the impact of drugs and chemicals on a living being. A thorough knowledge of the human body, impact of chemicals on it, methods of production of such drugs and chemicals, their pattern of consumption and their long term and short terms results are topics covered in the course curriculum. Course also delves into the history of drugs and its evolution. Since computers and technology have become indispensable for any research work, the course also includes an understanding of the functioning different technologies relevant to pharmaceutical production.

B. Pharma Course Duration and Structure

  • Most institutions have the course duration spread across four calendar year (split across semesters)*
  • Along with theoretical study the course includes extensive laboratory research work and field trips

B. Pharma Course Eligibility and Entrance

  • Candidates who have successfully completed their HSC (10+2) examination in science stream with physics, chemistry biology and mathematics*, from a recognized university can apply for the course.
  • National level entrance examinations are organized for admission across colleges. Certain institutions also hold their individual entrance examinations*

*Advisory - This information is subject to change and/or may vary across institutions. It should be reconfirmed with institutes’ admission offices.

Who should undertake the Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharma) course?

Since a large part of this course involves intense studies about the human body and chemicals any candidate interested in making a career in this space should consider pursuing this course. The course involves intense research and laboratory work with meticulous experiments and detailing, making it desirable for people with a natural inclination towards inventions and creation of new products.

If seeking a larger social purpose of serving humanity, ridding it of disease and contributing to the betterment of life are thoughts that drive a person then this is definitely a course worth considering.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharma) -Scope of employment

  • Increasing domestic demand for pharmaceutical drugs, advent of lifestyle related diseases, expansion in insurance and healthcare facilities accompanied by an inflow of MNCs setting up operations in the country have led to lucrative employment options being created in the space
  • Private and government affiliated pharmaceutical companies and research institutes seek candidates with this degree
  • Hospitals and Healthcare service providers seek such candidate for their expertise on the subject
  • Companies in the Insurance sector have advisory positions for candidates with such profiles
  • Candidates who graduate from PCI (Pharmacy Council of India) recognized colleges are eligible to apply for registration as pharmacists

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