Bachelor Of Business Administration Bachelor Of Law (B.B.A LL.B) Courses in India

The B.B.A LL.B Courses are an undergraduate course that combines the learning in the subject of Business Administration and Law. It is an integrated course that awards you a degree at the end of course. Since the course combines a degree in Law, its hierarchy is above that of an ordinary Bachelor’s degree in General category or in the specialized category like Business Management Bachelor’s Degree. The student would be required to complete an internship period of 20 weeks at the end of the B.B.A LL.B Courses to be awarded the degree.

Details of the B.B.A LL.B Courses?

Eligibility: Those who have completed the Higher Secondary or the 10+ 2 qualifying examination are eligible to apply for admission to the B.B.A LL.B Courses. Marks scored in the examination should be at least 45% or above.

The other eligibility requirement is that the student is required to sit for an entrance examination in which the student needs to pass.

Duration: The duration of the Course is 5 years and it is an integrated course.

The Degree Awarded: The degree that is awarded is a B.B.A LL.B Courses (Hons) Bachelor’s Degree.

Age: The age limit for admission to the B.B.A LL.B Courses is 21 years, which is the minimum age limit.

Syllabus: Most colleges conducting the B.B.A LL.B Courses the areas of study include Business studies in Semester one and legal studies in Semester two. In semester 3 it is financial education along with business studies and in semester 4 the syllabus for the B.B.A LL.B Courses consists of Financial and legal aspects. Semesters 7 and 8 are more inclined towards legal education, though there are some subject areas of management in the 7th semester. In the final two semesters the education in the various areas of study in law is imparted. Education in all the areas of study in the discipline of law is imparted during the ten semesters of the B.B.A LL.B Courses. The syllabus has been formulated in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Bar Council of India.

The Entrance Examinations for B.B.A LL.B Courses

There are basically two entrance examinations conducted for admission to the B.B.A LL.B Courses.

One is them is the CLAT or the Common Law Admission Test which is conducted by the Center and the State.

The other is the Entrance test AILET or All India Law Entrance Examination conducted by the Law University in India.

Besides these the student seeking admission to the B.B.A LL.B Courses in the private institutions needs to pass the entrance examination conducted by the institutions.

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