Bachelor Of Applied Sciences (B.A.S) Courses in India

The Bachelor of Applied Science, often abbreviated as B.A.S is a highly advanced course in Science. There are many abbreviations to it and one of them is the B.AS by which it is commonly referred. This is a professional degree and has more weightage than the B.Sc. or the Bachelor of Science degree. The B.A.S Courses in most cases is the end of an academic phase and after acquiring this degree most students do not go on to take the Master’s unless in very rare cases. The B.A.S Courses basically allow the student to become a professional in the field of science. It is more vocational in nature, but since it is a Bachelor’s Degree it is considered to be of high value. The study of the B.A.S Courses enables students to have an advanced knowledge in their chosen subject and seek a higher position in their employment.

About the Course

The course is generally distinguished from the “Pure” Science in a way that the subject is in between the Pure Science and the Engineering course. A student pursuing the B.A.S Courses can take up jobs of scientific research in their subject. The industrial designing and construction process is also part of the B.A.S Courses, enabling the students to be highly precise in their work of an industrial machine designer or designing of high-end medical equipment. The B.A.S Courses covers areas of study that are included in both science and technology.

What are the Fields of Study in the B.AS Degree?

Most of the science subjects are included in the list of options that can be chosen to study. Also included are most of the Engineering fields, Applied Technology, Forensic Sciences, Social Sciences, Business Management, Mining, Massage Therapy, and Architecture among many others in related fields. The course includes training in advanced technology and is more professionally inclined therefore, the focus is more on practical knowledge than theory.

Who is eligible for B.AS Courses?

Students who have already had a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Engineering, or any other related subjects are eligible to apply for the - B.A.S Courses.

A professional work experience of four years is also an added requirement in some institutions and for select disciplines.

The duration of the - B.A.S Courses is longer than a traditional Bachelor’s degree course and may take 4 years to 5 years depending on the subject.

The - B.A.S Courses as it not only prepares you for a high end job placements, but also gives you ample knowledge and enhance your skills greatly.

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