Bachelor Of Divinity (B.D) Courses in India

The Bachelors’ of Divinity or the B.D Courses are a undergraduate courses, and this is basically a course that helps the student to interpret the Holy Book of the Bible in the way it is meant to be. The courses enables the students undertaking it to grasp the various biblical connotations which the bible represents and interpret them in the right manner and spirit maintaining the religious element and fervor of the Bible. The students are not only equipped with the understanding of the Bible but also understand the functioning of the Church and the churches of the various religious sects of Christianity.

What the B.D Courses Entail?

The students are introduced to the major ethics of Christianity, the Christian theology and the student can specialize in any one aspect of the Christian theology or bible by taking up the B.D Courses. The students are also able to know more about the history of Christianity, its origin, and the role that the religion plays vis-à-vis the other major cultures and religions of the world. The B.D Courses also allow the student to think critically about a number other factors related to religions and the student is made to understand the operational management of the church, ministries and other related offices of the church.

Eligibility and Other Criteria for B.D Courses

As in most Bachelor Courses, the eligibility to join the B.D Courses is a pass in the Higher Secondary Course or a pass in the 10+2 courses. The subjects in which the course has been completed is not relevant so students having opted for Commerce, Science and Humanities can enroll in the B.D Courses.

The duration of the B.D Courses is usually three years and at the end of the three years the University to which the colleges or institutions are affiliated with will award the B.D Courses degree.

The Syllabus Covered by the B.D Courses

The B.D Courses cover the study of Theology and Christianity in particular with the teaching of a large number of theories and subjects. Besides, the History of Christianity, the Philosophy, the Ethics of Christianity and the Geography of the Holy Land are all taught to the students in order to help them understand the religion of Christianity better.

There are many job opportunities for those taking up the B.D Courses and some of them include:

  • Teachers of theology and Moral Science
  • Trainers in Christian Missionaries
  • Chaplain in Hospitals, Institutions and in the Military
  • Ministers in the Church
  • Counselors

List of Bachelor Of Divinity Courses in India

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