Bachelor Of Computer Applications (B.C.A) Courses in India

The B.C.A Courses are an academic degree at the undergraduate level. The students are awarded a degree in the discipline of Computer Applications. It is very popular as the first step towards becoming a computer professional.

Eligibility for B.C.A Courses

The eligibility for the B.C.A Courses is 10+ 2 certification or a higher Secondary certificate. The student should have scored at least 45% marks with their qualifying examination and must have had computer Science as one of the subject besides, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Duration of B.C.A Courses

The B.C.A Courses are divided into 6 semester in which the entire syllabus is completed. The B.C.A Courses are basically a three year course and each semester has an examination held by the University.

Details of B.C.A Courses

The B.C.A Courses comprises of all the areas of study related to the computer functioning and all the applications that are related to the computer. The B.C.A Courses lead the candidate to the Postgraduate degree which is the MCA and then Research is also possible on completion of the Postgraduate Degree.

Some of the specialized subjects that form the B.C.A Courses include study in various aspects of computer application like Systems Analysis and Design, Organizational Behavior, Internet Programming, Web Design and Development, Visual Basic, and many others. Practical training is an integral part of the B.C.A Courses which includes projects and work in the Computer Laboratory.

Benefits of Taking the B.C.A Courses

The B.C.A Courses are ideally suited to those who wish to pursue a profession in computers and computer applications. Learning in-depth about the working and functions of the computer makes the candidate highly proficient in the job. Moreover, the student gets extensive knowledge about the B.C.A Courses and is well equipped to step into a profession that deals with computer applications.

There are many benefits that the candidate stands to gain by undertaking the B.C.A Courses and they include providing the student with the basic information of the computer applications

The B.C.A Courses leading to be an IT professional

By proceeding to take up the Postgraduate course after the B.C.A Courses it is possible for the student to become highly proficient in the field of computer applications and take up related jobs. Today in the field of computers is growing at a very rapid pace, the B.C.A Courses are very apt to meet the growing demands for the IT professionals the world over.

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